Time for a change

Time for a change

 ”The marriage” of economics and ecology is very important.

„We can talk about the saving of our planet endlessly and we will not be successful because the population is too high. We can be preaching and explaining why the ecology is absolutely crucial. Ecology must be economically lucrative in order to get engaged.“

We began in India since the population there is 1.3 billion, so masses can get involved and make the change bigger. In India some 162 million people got engaged in the project for saving of their river. It was the most massive moment for a change and consequently the government stepped in, but the change needs to be global,“ claims Sadhguru, the spokoperson of the United Nations.

Governments need to understand the necessity of the change. The policies of the government need to come up with changes in the establishment of the condoitions for manufacturing companies. The change needs to start from the beginning. The important thing is that the governments all around the world grasp the cruciality of the change and take up saving steps.

It is the time to talk about our future, because the saving of the planet is no more only the thing of “the greens“. I tis a question of our survival, we see drastics change and interferences in the nature, each and every one of us can start behaving more ecologically and at least not waste. It is true that in some time, there will no longer be possible to waste, one cannot waste from nothing. If we destroy all trees and deforest, we will be facing even more serious consequences. WE will not be able to breathe and as we all know well, one cannot live without air. Another grave problem is water pollution. Water makes up for 70% of our body., so what will happen if our body gets constantly doped by a toxic water? In stead of land to grow quality products, we build factories and subsequently buy food from other countries.

Every nation urgently needs to start walking the eco-friendy path. The biggest mistake is that environmentalists are constantly struggling with the economy. If we keep talking about economics and ecology, we will never succeed. Ecology and economics must start working hand in hand. Ecology does not want to destroy industry, it only makes a proposal for transformation. By saving the industry, we will save much more than through attack.

Every nation is part of humanity, the political or geometric difference is not important, now we are all on the same boat. One global entity where the whole world connects with each other. Maybe it’s not the reality at the moment but it’s near ….

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