Risk Takers are THE BEST

Risk Takers are THE BEST

Some people are like monkeys and do not let go of one branch unless they are holding another.

So they move from one bad job to another, from one bad relationship to another. They don’t leave one unless they have a new one. This is the safe way. 

“I’m a stuntman, I never wanted to save myself from pain or to be comfortable and safe. This comfort would rob me of many amazing challenges of getting to know myself and the world around me. I love to discover, to seek, and to learn. I appreciate my teachers.”

I have great respect, love and gratitude for them in my heart. Living the life full of  challenges, new possibilities, goals and knowledge.  These things fascinate me as much as possible. I love learning and sharing experiences, opening up opportunities and connecting people and projects.

There is a new game every day and I  guarantee you are the winner.

Why ? Because we learn through mistakes, we become better. In business, every day is different, and to stop or rely on something to fail. 

Why Risk takers are The BEST

1. Love an energy in Every Risk They Take.

With risk comes an energy- power, a burning push to keep you going and reach the finish line. Most times, people who are adventurous are the ones who take risk. They are ignited with a zeal to reach new heights and such zeal empowers them to be more creative and prepared to win.

2. Stand Out.
People who take risk are bold. This courage is endearing. With courage also comes confidence and alertness. When every other person withdraws, they are willing to stay in. This makes risk takers leaders as they are anointed to be by their own self.

3. Knowledge.

Knowledge is vital to success. Risk takers are able to identify such knowledge because they are willing to undergo a process that will provide such knowledge. Through such knowledge, you can navigate future steps.

4. Success.
Risk takers know that success won’t fall in your lap.

“You have to hunt for it. You must to love it , you must to Love and enjoy the full process- “Enjoying the storm.”

You can find seemingly rare opportunities that may never have been found if you had waited.

5. Afraid of Failure= NO!
The more risk you take, the less you see anything that can stop you. You are practically unstoppable because risk taking has strengthened your will to keep on going no matter what.

,,Fear is a mental block that hinders many from achieving their dreams and becoming successful. The risk takers do not feel that fear. They are unstoppable.”

6. Higher Standard.
Risk takers are dreaming big. They do not see obstacles. With every risk comes the will to be above average and trudge into newer and undefined territories.

7. Enjoy the full process.
It is not simply about knowledge. It is about your own inner strength. The truth is that risk takers are not stupid. They are smart. Because of the learning and knowledge they garner through many processes. They dip perusing the areas and dimensions of they interest. Then they go for it.

8. High Adaptability.
There is nothing static with risk takers. They attain more freedom and flexibility. The risk helps them to either define a change or adapt to a change.

Thank God for the broken knees, for the trials and for the new possibilities ….. for every single day, Le Globless


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