The Le Globless Introduction

Le Globless creates Long-term Partnerships based on Trust, Sincerity, Honesty, Respect, Loyalty and Humility. We value our Business partners and the strength of the long term-partnership.

At the same time, Privacy is our Greatest Luxury and we prefer absolute confidentiality of information. We approach each investor very individually and place emphasis on their requirements.


Ivanka Vieriková, CEO Le Globless,

Since the age of 19, she has been involved in Investing and Business strategies, as well as trade in the International Energy and Gas Trading Business.
Ivanka participated as a Strategy Marketing Manager in the Projects of the Investment group – J&T, the owning bank, real estate, hotels and recreational segments around the world.
Then she became the Key Account Manager in the International Gas & Electricity business, for MOL and Met. In three years, she has built a portfolio equal to ten years of work.
It all went naturally.
,,I did my job as best I could and I always set a strategy. First, I started working with the strongest in the market and later the smaller players joined.
Naturally, I built respect and trust with companies, their directors, owners and Investors, firstly in Slovakia then gradually Worldwide. From a simple conversation, new opportunities with new Partners, Investment and Projects emerged.“

,,I’m old school Trustworthy, Integrity, Hight values and Ethical principles are my stability points.“

Respectfully, it will be my pleasure and honor to communicate with you about possibilities of partnership.