Finance comes naturally

Finance comes naturally

It often happens that we succumb to the lie that we have everything under control. Nothing escapes us and maybe we stick to banalities. To small, insignificant things without which our world falls apart.

We attach enormous value to ordinary things. The paradox, however, is that when we get rid of everything we are attached to, a huge new space full of great possibilities opens up for us. As if we thought we could do anything, and the consequences would never come. After all, I can afford it. I have it under full control.

I have it under control means = if anything changes my unstable world built on lying to myself will fall apart.


We fall victim to a false notion of

“WHO”, in reality, “I AM.”

“Only when we lose everything, will space open up for us to find the real substance. We will find ourselves.

No matter how bad we are/ we feel, there is always a chance for change.


Grant Cardone is one example that everything can be done. The important thing is just to believe. He is one of the best experts in warehousing, marketing, motivation and management. He currently owns companies that earn him 50,000,000€ a year. He owns planes, wrote several books and with his wife he has a baseball stadium where they motivate and teach people. 

He is an example that it can all be done without a diploma from a prestigious school. During his youth he succumbed to drugs. At the age of 13, he smoked crack for the first time. He went through experience with all drugs and was addicted for 9 years. The change occurred on the day when an unknown drugged man put a gun to his head and fired a shot. Subsequently, at the age of 23, he went for treatment.

“The change came when he lost everything and chose the path of life.”

He speaks openly that he hated what he was doing and yet he is incredibly successful at it. No one taught him how to do business, how to convince the masses, how to sell, and now he is a man who teaches the art of selling. He is one of the best traders and businesspeople.

They told him that the basis of success in business is:

“When you are asked, then answer with a question, manipulate. “He didn’t want to do that, all traders make the same mistake.

They are trying to manipulate. Our subconscious can very easily sense the manipulation and then we will stop trusting the trader. They are not good traders in America, they just can’t do business. Grant decided to do it differently, he started doing everything differently because he hated how others did it.


“When you are set for change, there is always something to come, either in the form of a new challenge, a new direction, a person who will give you a chance, and this is happening all my life. When you work the best you can, success comes. “


It is good to think differently from everyone else. Sometimes we succumb to worries, but that’s okay. Doing things differently and getting rid of fear is actually the first step. When you ask for help, maybe someone will open the door and you will be the package in which someone will see the potential. Keep your ears and eyes open and the opportunity will find you.


 “When you know your value, negotiate, it’s your job.”I have people in business who have worked for me for 33 years, earning millions of dollars. Their job is to find the right people for negotiating. ” 


In many situations, money can increase sensitivity, but it is not good to focus only on material things. When we focus on money, we run out of everything important. 

Money always come, quite naturally. When you do your job the best you can, success and abundance are a natural part of the process.

“Everyone around us can be a mentor or a billionaire. Each of us has potential. A really huge potential, all it takes is just to use it ……

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