The Extremely modern project

The Extremely modern project

Grandiose, luxury and the largest number of billionaires per m2. About 200 millionaires and 50 billionaires. Monaco occupied the first place out of 20 European cities with the largest number of millionaires, 31.1%. Let’s see, Monaco is expanding into the sea.

Even after arriving in Monte Carlo, one feels somehow different, surrounded by ubiquitous wealth, minimal crime, a monitoring system and cleanliness. There is no poverty or unemployment in this state.

One Crazy story: 

,,After my repeated arrival in Monte Carlo, I found out when buying souvenirs that I was robbed, right in Monaco. However, I must admit, the police offered me a place to stay at the police station. As I was refused accommodation again in my previous accommodation, without documents and cards.” 

What attracts Monaco the world’s biggest billionaires?

 It’s not hard to guess at all. With its miniature size, it offers one above-standard benefit. The Principality of Monaco does not recognize any direct taxes.

Monaco is considered a tax haven. There is no personal income tax, wealth tax or property tax. Of course, living in Monaco is a little more expensive. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find here the most expensive apartment in the world for only less than 240 million euros but with an area of ​​3500 m2. The largest yacht in the world is also moored in the port by the shareholder of the London football club Arsenal FC, Alisher Usmanov.

The happiest minister in the world is Jean Castellini. It has no deficit, no debt and has been growing for two consecutive years. The largest revenues are generated by profits from foreign banks and insurance companies based in Monte Carlo. Another benefit is the development industry, services, fashion, gambling, or manufacturers of luxury watches, fashion, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Since the whole city is carved into the rock, the expansion into the sea is being worked on. The question of building an artificial island has been raised several times. This bold project of over 60,000 m2 should be completed in 2025. The entire peninsula should be built on pillars sunk into the sea. The Principality will not cost this investment a single euro.

Everything will be paid by the developers, to whom the investment will be returned from rentals.The project will be extremely modern, but based on history.

Although a completely artificial extension, the architects plan to install a Mediterranean landscape of tall pines and other native vegetation to “evoke the feeling that the buildings are immersed in the natural environment.”

Oversized balconies will provide shade from the sun in summer and help restore warmth in winter. In addition, 40% of the building’s energy needs will be met by solar panels and pumps that use seawater to heat and cool buildings. Each apartment will have an area of ​​more than 400 square feet (400 square meters), while the individual houses will measure approximately 1,000 square meters. The topography of the expansion will reflect developments in Monaco.

“It’s a project that’s extremely modern, but its roots come from a historical context,” a CNN source

Monaco is a prize for success and talks about how very successful you are. In Monaco, by default, the most common sights, such as the most modern yachts, boats, cars, helicopters and, of course, casinos.


The luxury lifestyle is possible and also  good for health is the fact that locals live to the highest average age in the world, almost 90 years, “now we are talking about the body not the mind.” 

However, life has also stopped in this fairy tale, although the medical care in Monte Carlo is at a very high level, but the monarchy cannot afford to infect the whole country, albeit very little. All grandiose events have been suspended or relocated so far, and roads in Monaco are currently empty. The first to be infected in a small country was the head of the monarchy, Prince Albert.

Kinza Vierik