Superhero in you

Superhero in you

“Everything around us it’s a result of our thinking. Let’s start control our own thoughts, train our brain and crazy things will start happening.

“It is important to understand why we do what we do. We can be inspired by Jim Kwin, man which called, kid with broken brain. Because of the accident when he was 5 years old his brain stopped working “normal”. He had to learn how to perceive information differently, he didn’t understand connection in context, he couldn’t read. Thanks to this accident he developed methods how to think more effectively, now he is teaching  and co-working with celebrities like H.Clinton, M.Obama, Sir Richard Brandson, Will Smith, Bono, R.Reynolds, Elthon John or Oprah Winfrey.

For sometime he was placed to special class, an experts as well as family thought, that he will never classify as normal child. When teacher was asking him, if he understand, what he see in the books, he lied. He learned to read from the comics. Later on with the years coming he started his journey of finding out why his brain didn’t work properly. This journey led him to wonderful discoveries more effective techniques of learning. In school they teach us how to write, read, but they don’t teach us how to learn right, how to use capacity of our brain, how we could remember things better. He invest techniques for faster learning and different types of tactics. He is saying regardless of the circumstances, is possible to build and to program our brain again. Brain is unbelievable fascinating and until now is huge mysterious.  When there is enough impulses brain can make new connections and the old ones are slowly getting weak. Brain of every owner works different you just have to use a right manual and break all limiting beliefs.

Does exist any equal what this Super successful people have common?

All the time they EDUCATED themselves. They are constant students, they increase their abilities to learn and understand, as well as acquire skills to use in practice. Because without the learning nothing is going to be changed. Successful people have “high standard of thinking” Jim call them three in 3H. Success is about continual personal challenges and about overcoming the comfort zone.

    • Head – thoughts, challenge, motivation
    • Hand – masterpiece, work, exercises
    • Heart – perseverance, power, energy

Combination of those 3H powers is giving us super power.

Only practice can give us healthy mind. For support of brain activity we need constant impulse, that we can constantly expand capacity of our brain. We wouldn’t leave our brain become lazy or kill it by Instagram and other marketing strategies in TV. Students and young people click on the Instagram more than 1500 times per day. Can you imagine how bad that can be for our brain and nerve connections? We destroying our brain cells. We leave our brain get lazy and it will get use to this way of life. But when we giving to our brain nonstop impulse to learn, new challenges, new ways how to understand life, naturally are making new brain connections and increase our brain power.

In the moment when we learn something new from the book or lectures in 48 hours we forget 85% of content. We need to train our brain. Repeat. Persevere work with our brain it’s same like when you working on your muscles. Here are some tricks how to do that:

    1. Don’t touch your phone 1 hour after you wake up

When you wake up your brain is very sensitive on negative impulses. One bad news, negative email, bad information from the world will have negative affect on your whole day.


      • Weak motivation, lost all day
      • Media has an effect on quality of life
      • Bad news decrease activity during the day
    1. Train your memory

Try to remember small details like a names, phone numbers, address, parts of the songs, texts or lectures. Your memory will naturally getting better.

  1. Don’t touch your phone screen before you going to sleep

It works similar as in the morning. Before you going to sleep you need to be calm and positive. Sleeping is very important for cell regeneration and full regeneration of your body. Don’t waste your time and don’t stress your brain with blue light from your screen. Instead read a book or meditate.

  1. Write down to do list for the next day

When you write down your to do list for next day you don’t have to spend time in bed thinking what should I do tomorrow? I can’t forget to do that! Write down your list and in the morning you don’t have to stress yourself because you have your list and you don’t have to think quickly about what you have to do first.

“ Everyone of us have some superpower, special power, you just have to find your hidden potential of “Superhero” and believe, that everything in this world is possible. Just believe…..

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