A Woman in a man’s world

A Woman in a man’s world

Progress, success, self-realization, dream fulfillment, goal achievement and success.

In the male world, everything is planned, perfectly organized, thoughtful, recalculated, strategic, austere, and cool. You go straight to the point. You provide information clearly, strictly, and intelligibly. You make quick decisions and don’t speculate unnecessarily. During negotiations, you can either bluff or solve the problem pragmatically.

Watching two men negotiate, communicate and set conditions is fascinating to me.

I understand masculine qualities.

All feelings and emotions go sideways. The result is paramount. Just a straight path and at the end of this path is the destination.

I learn many things from men. Men are not distracted, Men are only acting.

And what about a woman, in this world of gentlemen and vigorous decisions?

Women have somehow penetrated the male business world. It was no coincidence, but rather a strategic decision.

”When unleashing hell doesn’t get us there, just send a woman.”

Beautiful, attractive, charismatic, managerial beings began to gently disrupt this uncompromising black and white world.

Dressed in sexy costumes, tapping down the corridors in high heels, with wavy hips and a graceful brisk walk. Educated, experienced and intelligent WOMEN.

Confident beautiful women with a dose of charm and a radiant smile can break all the ice and start


How do you react when this more fragile half of humanity finds itself in your doorway?

Are you changing the style of communication? Do you have any doubts, or on the contrary, do women in business inspire more trust?

Men have very quickly noticed the strong influence of women’s qualities in negotiations. Fragility, tenderness, femininity

In connection with intelligence and expertise, there are breathtaking qualities.


A woman certainly has a huge advantage in business, building, and building relationships, communication, resolving conflict situations, or argumentation. A woman somehow subconsciously inspires trust, builds relationships, is interested in colleagues, partners, remembers details. A woman has charm in her. Enormous feminine strength, dignity, sophistication, grandiosity and intuition, which she can handle perfectly. At the same time, these feminine qualities can be complemented with supremely masculine qualities. Estrogen balances the testosterone levels.

A man takes responsibility, but he doesn’t look right to the left ….. he just goes. He builds huge things, he advances. He will make a rational decision that is right for the whole company, not just for the individual.

Women are naturally different. Representative, strong as the left, they build the cohesion of the team, they fully pursue the goal but look at the surroundings. They have great persuasive qualities, they know how to put themselves in a situation. They solve tasks efficiently and systematically. They have a lot of creative ideas and they look at things differently, they pay attention to details.

 A woman should not be equal to a man. They are to be supplemented. They know how to inspire and support each other.

Every characteristic of a man finds its opposite in a woman and vice versa. The mixing of these opposite worlds is completely natural and beautifully interconnected.

Even the occasional spark between a man and a woman is fun ….

“The smile of a beautiful confident woman, which radiates beautiful natural femininity and optimism, brightens every day, work and life.”

So let’s smile more , and love more and be yourself…

A woman builds bridges to souls and hearts through her love. Le Globless 

Kinza Vierik