Create a new habit

Create a new habit

“ Success is a natural result of hard work, which we can start to do already today, we just have to change 1% of our habits. Step by step we can already change today.”

“World has changed, and inspiration is everywhere around us. Never was that easy to communicate and connect with people all around the world like in this century. We can be inspired and learn from others and find best way for ourselves. We can create our own challenges and exchange our experiences, get over the fear from unknown. By transformations of our lives we can change the world.”

The base of every future success is to create very simple habit. For sure you already heard or read about habits of rich and successful people. We don’t have to repeat their habits. Let’s create our own. Let’s start with one very simple and later on create network of habits which are going to build the person we became.

It works like this for example:

Do I want to publish a book?

    • If I write now, I need to create a new habit
    • New created type of habit is best to add to an already existing routine
    • Routine/ before going in bed I drink one cup of tea + new habit / while drinking a tea I will write at least 2 minutes. I know it’s sound ridiculous but this 2 minutes in our brain create new habit, new connection, which is going to be later automatic. If we would start already with one hour of writing we could want to quit very quick and later on we would have feeling that we failed.
    • By creating a new habit, we gradually extend the time
    • New routine/ every day I write one hour or one page
    • Result in 365 days I will have enough pages for publishing a book

It works very easy our brain will get use to a new better habits very quick, he is going to create new connections, associations and tracks in brain. There is no need to scare him in the beginning anyway this writing could stop being attractive for us. It’s important to start slowly and success will appear on his own.


Creating and association of waking up early

Now I’m waking up at 8 a.m. and I would like to wake up at 5 a.m. I will set up my alarm every week few minutes earlier. I will change sound of my alarm on my favorite song / song which will make me happy and I will have a good mood. My waking up will be connected with something nice and is not going to be a problem for me anymore.

Building good habits and destroying bad habits it’s good example what transformation effect we achieve in all our life. Everywhere around us are: talented, intelligent, clever, confident people. Every one of us has some kind of talent but not everyone will hold on and work on achieving own goals and dreams. We are born with particular predispositions, with talents on certain things. Everyone is good in something. Everyone can dress up nicely, have good look, even delightful performance can be learnt with a bit of exercise. It’s just about change is going to be permanent. What is difference between long and short term ? in HABITS.

Are you talented in something? Amazing, support your own talent with habits, make of that a routine and ritual and easy realize your potential. “ Old habits die hard.”

Super successful people are not born already successful, they work hard and they don’t give up. They are results of hard work and iron habits, which they already doing like part of their lives.

Let’s ask a question: What I want to do in the future?

  • I want have more money
  • I want lose weight
  • I want the best results

But truth is … Bank account is result of financial habits. Weight loss is results of eating habits, and the best results are results of knowledge, learning taken from the books or from lectures from someone who is already successful.

Things need a change in the beginning and in the beginning are habits.

“Tell me what you do, and I tell you what you will be.”

“ Transformation will not happen over one night, transformation is happening slowly step by step… You just need to work hard and be patient and add your new habits. “

I wish a wonderful start of new habits….Le Globless

Le journalist

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