Invest to the future

Invest to the future

The huge change starts with individual. Every one of us can be a saver of the future. We can save each other…

Indian mystic, visionary, yogi, philanthropist, teacher and businessman with rough but honest humour is saying the truth straight. Clearly we are on crossroad “If we don’t start to do something,  we will eliminate the consequences for another 150 years.

Sadhguru was a key speaker of United Nations and WEF (World economic forum) and he is one of the most popular influencer from India. His book ‘Inner engineering’ became a bestseller and The New York Times described in detail ‘transformational system for complete inner change and fill it up. Isha foundation, which he built, has 9.millions volunteers around the world to spread the inner well-being.

In the last time, he was very busy, because he was travelling cross the America, India, Europe he had spoken at many of universities around the world.  made and interviews, because he knows, we don’t have more time maybe 10 – 20years.

We are a generation, who has a huge prosperity. It has never been so easy to communicate with each other, buy something what we want or travel somewhere. Never before people had enough like nowadays even though our generation became multitude of unhappy people. We are looking for a short way how to achieve an aims. For example, desire for getting know happiness from books or meditations, we replace for quick happiness.

“People try to find a heaven on earth, what is very good.” When you don’t show them the way how to find heaven in themselves, at the end 80-85% of population are alcoholics or take a drugs. Drugs and alcohol are similar poison. Both try to build own little heaven and the real heaven is destroyed.”

We came to point, when the meat has a chemically background. For our health we need chemistry, and 70% of population daily take some kind of chemistry medicine.

    • You need chemistry for resting
    • For health you need chemistry
    • For happiness and joy of course you need chemistry
    • For beauty for sure you need chemistry
    • Whatever you eat and drink is full of chemistry

If 90% of world population will continue by this chemistry way, our next generation will have very low quality of life. What we do today, have a consequences to the future. “Imagine, locust on the beautiful meadow, how he is jumping around and enjoying life …

And now you will break his leg. Does locust still enjoy and jump high?” Our possibilities how to be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual get worst because we face to many toxins. I’m showing people a way how to return back to yourself. ” When you sit down on sunshine every morning, and close your eyes for a while, the tears of ecstasy will start running, that’s happening to people all around the world.”

“Your body is like a small factory. The question is, if you want to be a great CEO or not.

“The great CEO does a good things, the worst does miserable things, make a rubbish in factory, destroy it and in the end he lose it. “

“You don’t know how to lead your chemical factory?”

“The people choose an easily way instead of longer and hard one. If you don’t show them the right way, they will take anything what they found on the street.

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