Brain Power Invest

Brain Power Invest

Surprise, there is nothing you cannot change. Just unlock your mind.

The power of mind is still undiscovered mystery for us and constantly surprises us. Dr. Joe Dispenza is an expert on modification of settings of mind, in his studies there are literal miracles occurring and his methods are medically confirmed.

How do you learn to manipulate and control your own mind? I cannot believe how much is possible …

The biggest challenge according to Dr. Joe Dispenza is to wake up at 3:00 felling the absolute discomfort and in this state force your mind to think.

Getting rid of fear of the future, stop being preoccupied by the past and living in the moment. The international lecturer, researcher, teacher, specialised in genetic neurology, quantum physics, he is driven by his belief that every single human being has a potential to achieve extraordinary inner strength. He works on several studies where unbelievable things happen to people, they recover from illnesses, they change their thinking and their bodies go through changes thanks to adjustment of mind settings.

It is interesting how many amazing people say the same phrase:

“Live in the present here lies your real strength, forget the past because it does not belong to you anymore and don’t think about the future as it is nowhere in sight.” With a few changes Jesus Christ, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, Yoga and many others.

Let’s be happy about our future and instead of worrying about all the things that we want to accomplish, all the goals that we think we can fulfil. Let’s try to imagine our mind.

“That what awaits us in the future is a picture of how we think today.”

“The truth is that if we aim our energy for the future or we reflect on the past, we cannot enjoy the best of all, where we are right now, the present.”

“It is like a crazy ride, when you understand how your mind works you will be in shock what can be done.”

Dr. Joe gives people instructions how to change their lives and gain control over their own head.

  1. Wake up at 3:00.

The question is how uncomfortable our body will feel before we wake up our mind to change something.

“With information comes knowledge = when you understand the new information you understand what you don’t know about consciousness = that is awareness = awareness is mixed with change of energy and it is about this change of energy.” We are learning how to use this energy.

  1. Visualise your ideas

The brain does not know how to tell apart what is reality and what is only the imagination. Constant stimulation and creation of fantasies, supported by strong emotions these things appear as the reality. New tracks and extensions begin to create in the brain.

  1. Boost your ideas with emotions

Strong emotions like love, joy, happiness, strengthen the power of our visualisation.

  1. Persistence

Everything takes some time. The change of mind settings and your own future require time as well as practice.

Dr. Joe studies and writes down everyone’s story and then he further analyses and records them. He claims that in some cases he cannot hold back tears. The results are always shocking to him. He invites people who achieved extraordinary things to his lectures. Some recovered from cancer, some changed their family life or got rid of problems, some even started to see again. Their brain just stopped accepting the bad reality as reality and set itself completely differently.

The studies of the brain will probably never stop interest us, no wonder when we can do things with our brain beyond our understanding.

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