A drug called success

A drug called success

Have you ever gotten the idea that your life is more than just a success, material things and our own ego? We all want more from ourselves, more spiritual things, more enjoyment of life, more and more….there is a fine line between the good and the bad.

We all like success, then another one and another one ….. it is like an aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiac hat ruins us, consumes us from the inside and forces us not to look behind and progress, to forget everything around. Winning, succeeding and artificial happiness, for a moment we are happy and consequently we want more, more and more.

We are looking for experience, something special, we are literally craving for novelties and we wish to immediately try, see and discover everything, but sometimes wanting everything means starting to play a quite dangerous game. A game with our own ego, desires, weaknesses, own demons and literally “diabolic“ danger. A game with our own life.

We certainly know about million reasons why we succumb to dangers, but the main ones are insufficient self-love, problematic relationships, missing self-confidence, problems at work, bad memories from childhood, or a feeling that everyone wants to hurt us. Each and every one of us carry his/her own traumas from childhood or from the past.

Some are capable to throw the troubles behind his/her head and cope with them with ease.

Problems are there to be solved. We are living right here and right now, in this second, neither in the past, nor in the future, just right here and now. Uninfluenced by the material things of the today´s world.

Have you ever asked yourself why we are longing so badly for success?

For recognition?

For respect or esteem?

The problem is always at the beginning and usually we all know it very well, but we just cannot name it properly and try to repress it efficiently. In a case our weaknesses or demonic, hurtful memories successfully get onto surface, we try to supress them, or make them silent.

The perfectionism, or a desire to succeed is always combined with a feeling of one´s own inferiority. Even an ordinary desire for love can leads us to workaholism and self-destruction and only because we want to prove ourselves that we are worth being loved.

Thomas Curran a Andrew P. Hill. define perfectionism as “an irrational desire for flawlessness with a combination of high self-critique.“ According to them it is important to perceive what makes a perfectionist different from a person, who is just simply hardworking or caring. „It is a determined desire to remedy all of one´s imperfections,“ as an essay for The Conversation magazine indicates.

Potential ways of “how to escape“ include:

    • Sudden overeating
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Cigarettes
    • Antidepressants
    • Or a combo – a combination of all of the above

„Perfectionists are inundated with stress. Even if something is not stressful, they usually find ways how to make it stressful, “  says Gordon Flett who studies perfectionism for more than 30 years.

He also contends that when a perfectionist leads to workaholism, it is unlikely that the person will find time for pauses to rest which is something necessary for healthy functioning of our body and brain……However self-destructing a perfectionism might be, more and more people suffer from it. The field of “socially prescribed perfectionist,“ characterised by a feeling that others have high expectations, saw the biggest uptake of cases,

But what will happen to human organism in a couple of years, what will our DNA and our children be remains an open question….We all should from time to time make a pause and realize what the real values are….

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