Humility vs. strong leader

Humility vs. strong leader

Words such as assertiveness, sincerity, seriousness and decency are increasingly coming to the forefront of business.

Strong leaders overwhelmingly boast similar magnificent qualities and that is why they are recognized leaders.

The society which models us forms our personality, influences our behavior, it should motivate us to behave morally and decently, that is, until the moment when money and business enter the scene. Then, for some reason, we start to fear being ourselves and expressing our views clearly and directly.In present day hectic times, it is not considered very polite, ” not to pull one’s punches ” One should express him/herself in a polite and courteous manner.

But what to do if your character and temperament somehow cannot cope with this “code of decency” and if somehow you subconsciously feel that whatever it is, you would not like to change your natural character. Do you like to say everything, openly, candidly, exactly what you think, regardless of reactions or condemnation of the environment? ……Not a problem.

Decently, directly, confidently, using appropriate intonation and accepting “non-slang words”, such communication can wonderfully simplify life.


There is absolutely no need to be afraid of dissenting reactions from the environment, that is perfectly fine, but this dissent from the environment and expressing an opinion is still an open space for discussion, finding information, forming an opinion and moulding a personality as well as the opportunity to find a constructive solution.

Direct and clear communication, saves time at least, is effective and the average “chatty person” suddenly becomes a MAN OF ACTION. The old and a bit shabby saying, “WORDS MAKES A MAN” still applies. ”


After all, the strength and greatness of a personality lies in actions and expressions.

Thus, expressing ourselves directly, clearly, intelligibly is still the main feature of communication and guarantees us a simple understanding of information. 

Let us honestly admit that obscuring facts, embellishing or manipulating is not a very masculine behaviour. We tend to perceive similar character traits with not very self-confident personalities. Simpler men, who have a bit of a problem with self-confidence, are therefore very happy to resort to similar, let´s say, “unmanly” practices.

Such practices do not belong at all to the modern business world. Words such as morality, assertiveness, seriousness and decency are increasingly coming to the forefront. Strong leaders, in the majority of cases, boast similar magnificent qualities and that is why they are recognized leaders.


‘All of us tend to become somehow put off and tired of manipulative zigzagging on the edge between half-truth and a lie. In the end, it is very transparent.“  


Expressing ourselves directly, clearly and openly not only saves us time, but also creates a positive image in the eyes of society, people are starting to respect us more, listen to our opinions, we gain on importance and respect and we become more attractive overall.

In the business, the doors to honest partners and businesses start to be opening. This also simplifies communication in relationships, speeds up problem solving, not to mention a huge benefit …………

“Words makes a man” and only a real man has success with women, simply ……… It’s sexy. ”

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