Humility is super sexy

Humility is super sexy

Humility is incredibly sexy, all the more since it completely disappears from today’s standard communication and everyday life. Meeting such a humble person precious, not to mention in the business world.

Personally, I love humbleness. Maybe this is a little expressive, but that’s the way it is, and I really like to surround myself with persons for whom this magnificent quality is an absolute matter of course. Humbleness is also directly related to gratitude. Just realizing that I am surrounded by humble people is liberating and healing. Nevertheless, it is true that we surround ourselves with people whom we admire and are sympathetic to us. “Humility is the ability to show respect and to perceive as well as to express gratitude for “little – big things.” Little-big things is a term for realizing that there is more than ME.We start to appreciate amazing things like the sunrise, the rain or the laughter of the child, and we also take the criticism with respect and we are grateful for it. In every bad thing, we perceive the good and accept life as it is.Humbleness, like gratitude, keeps us down and forces us to think about others, not just ourselves. It helps empathy, humanity, generosity and love.

“Sincere love is full of humility.” Research shows that people with this virtue are more successful, happier, better able to deal with stress, and have a better quality of life. The famous psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl said: “Humbleness, if it is real, is at least as much a sign of inner strength as courage.” Humbleness supports healthy self-confidence, self-esteem, strong-mindedness, politeness or empathy towards the surroundings. Humbleness is the “tunning” of all qualities. It speaks of respect, respect for people, nature, society and inner strength. About the ability to actively listen and build healthy interpersonal relationships as well as about self-reflection.

And what about money? They are only a natural result of a humble life. After all, humility does not mean that you will be a hermit. Humbleness speaks more about your sobriety in life. I know humble and rich people and at the same time poor and arrogant. Money does not influence who you are.A very nice example of humbleness is Keanu Reevese. Money means nothing to him, he is humble, incredibly decent, he only does what he loves and he is “a little bit of” an incredible perfectionist. Keanu Reeves is one of the most amiable figures in Hollywood. Despite the many trials he went through, he did not break, he persisted on his way to his dream. And the fact that success is not a coincidence, but a hard work, applies to this personality manifold.

“When you do something, don’t do it for money, it will come naturally.” Keanu Reevese He is a master of everything he does. He is perfect in shooting and that is why everything looks so realistic in shooting shots. Gnerally, he is really good at it, he is the best film actor with weapons. He works very hard when making movies and likes to do stunts on his own. He has no problem jumping off a plane, learning martial arts or dangerous jumps.

    • A gentleman who never touches women at photos, respects them and is polite to them.
    • he uses the subway to travel around the city, and a video of how he offers a place to sit to an unknown woman has traveled the world.
    • He still looks incredibly young, he is almost 60 years old and he looks like he were 38. No wonder a nice soul can be seen from the outside.
    • He has his own motorcycle company called Squarespace, he has helped to create the site’s design and the company is incredibly prosperous, earning several million a year.
    • He just does what he loves and he loves riding a motorcycle, so he started making them.
    • After shooting one film, he donated motorcycles to all the stuntmen as a reward for their hard work.
    • He loves movies, he loves making them in order to watch them… He just does what he loves and does the best he can.
    • In the film The Devil’s Lawyer, he gave up a part of what he made for the film in favor of Al Pacino
    • He wrote a book of poetry, he is constantly learning to do martial arts and not giving up
    • He helps charity, talks to the homeless people and people, in general, love to work with him in films.

When answering any question, he answers simply and absolutely naturally.What happens when we die? “I think we will be missed by those who loved us.” Keanu Reeves And finally, wonderful words: “Humbleness adds a lot of plus points to you and it’s one of the most attractive features ever.” D. LeGrand

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