The Five Laws of Gold

The Five Laws of Gold

In the current situation, most of us would probably choose gold, with regards to the unstable period of time we are living right now, but what to do then with gold?


The question was also of interest to rich Babylonians. How to make sure that our fortune and wisdom is further inherited so that abundance increases for future generations?

Gold and money pass away quickly, just like wealth if it is in hands of a bad proprietor. That’s why wisdom and personal experience are the basis of future success. These wisdoms were preserved thanks to careful writing down of stories on clay tablets. Thus, the Five Laws of Gold were engraved by the Richest Man of Babylon for his son before sending him on a trip to the world to gain personal experience and learn to trade.

 Five laws of gold

1. Gold comes with pleasure and in increasing amounts to a person, who saves at least one tenth of his/her income to develop his/her future property.

This law says that if we act judiciously and set aside one tenth of earnings, money will come to us advice and abundantly. The law is that the more I manage to put aside and continue to invest, the more abundance comes to me. The more abundance comes to me, the more generous I am, to the poor, orphans, the homeless, I am willing to help, and the world gives to me back.

2. Gold works tirelessly and contentedly for a wise proprietor who finds a suitable place for it and multiplies it.

“Indeed, gold is a very hard worker.” When a good opportunity arises, it is willing to multiply itself. To a person who has saved capital also come interesting investment opportunities, but you should wait for the right opportunity and value the money. But do not hesitate for a long time. You attract happiness by taking the opportunity. Happiness doesn’t like hesitant people when you’re determined, you should act ….

3. Gold is kept under the protection of a prudent owner who invests it on the advice of people who are well versed in the industry.

One who does not know how to manage finances may find the opportunities to get rich quick enticing. Very often, however, they carry the risk of loss. “Gold keeps a prudent owner but runs away from the reckless one.” Seeking advice or asking for the help of an experienced investor will not only protect your finances but also ensure that they are properly invested. You will quickly learn from your own experience how to face the pitfalls and where to invest appropriately.

4. Gold slips out of the hands of a person who invests it in events and for purposes, he/she is unfamiliar with, or which are not approved by those, who are well versed in it.

Investing in volatile and unclear trades carries a high risk of loss. In such cases, it is advisable to make an analysis where the probability of profit is shown or to ask for the opinion of an experienced investor. “But the wise is he who invests according to the advice of men who know how to ´work´ with gold.” 

5. Gold escapes from a person who forces it to make unrealistic returns, or from one who relies on his own inexperience and romantic desires when investing.

It is important that our personal desires do not control common sense and when investing we stay firmly on the ground …. Mainly without emotions.

“There is enormous power in the strength of our desires, support it with wisdom ….”

On my way to Malaysia I met 3 men, they were from different investment segments. They were entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, we all read the same book. We have agreed that it works perfectly even in today’s investment world. The rules of gold are so simple and wise: I would like to share them …. ” Le Globless

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