Energy every day

Energy every day

However, they do exist support activities which can make stronger no just our body and our mind but the mostly our spirit.

How I start my day, will affect all my movements through the day, my work effort and my mood during all day. It’s very easy and on the other hand very effective you just need to add to your morning ritual, activities which are going to support you and increase resistance to stress, support our immunity system. But how do you get every day into positive mood and at the same time increase your energy?

The best activities to keep our lives in good condition which, in addition to hard work or an exhaustion period of stress, will support our immunity and increase resistance to stress. At the same time, they will help us to be in positive mood. In some way they work like a meditation as we don’t focus on worries in our lives over time when we are doing these activities.

Internal strength of every person is changing in different stages. Influence of these changes are that our energy decrease or increase, recently our energy was more taken away. Quick changes, instability, fear, uncertainty, restrictions in traveling, current economic situation, as well as change in our lifestyle. Of course a lot of negative information on TV doesn’t add on “beauty “ to anyone. All external influences have a external impact on human psyche.  That is why we can feel exhausted or sad.

 However, they do exist support activities which can make stronger no just our body and our mind but the mostly our spirit. Not to mention positive effect on physical and mental health. A many of those activities was using long time ago on royal yards, let’s try to be inspired by “royal style”.

  1. Sunrise

Energy which is coming from the sun on all the plants and animals on sunrise is the strongest one. Get up little bit earlier than usual and you will see it’s worthy. You don’t have to go straightway for run even if for me it’s the best option to wake up. Sometimes it’s enough if you just walk around the river, ocean or park and enjoy for a few minutes that feeling of morning silence or you can sit down and relax on your terrace or balcony with cup of your favorite coffee. I just want to recommend you and remind you that is very good to drink cup of warm water before your morning cup of coffee and cleanse the organism.

  1. Ride on the horse

These animals have something amazing in them, grandiose, we have respect for them, they can feel our emotions, they can even very quickly estimate a person’s personality. With horse is not the biggest fun, I mean in the beginning, you will find out very quick how works symbiosis between animal and human being. If you are not sure with instructions for the horse, he is going to do with you whatever he wants. That is one of the main reasons why is this, one of the most popular activities for strengthen the inner strength and decisiveness of person. On the back of the horse you have to concentrate just on the ride and everything else needs to go on side. It works very easy, strong personality of horse will not obey you until he will clearly see what you want from him. Horse understand clear orders. I don’t know better feeling than ride on the horse and looking on the sunrise in the same time, enjoying the freedom and beauty of the nature around me. Feeling that you have, when animal start to respect you and you will become confident while you are riding, it’s incomparable with anything. Initial shyness is replaced by certainty. Ride on the horse make you feel unbelievable free.

  1. Hiking

By climbing on the top of the hill and by overcoming your own imaginary boundaries and barriers it’s one of the good activities for strengthen the inner strength, team buildings, families and as well as strengthening our muscles. Happiness from reaching the top of the hill and all the wonderful nature, what you can see around you takes your breath away. We gain certain that everything is possible for us.

  1. Paint/Art

Every one of us have some kind of gift. Any. Someone likes to sing, writing, painting, anything. We don’t have to be number one, even good. It’s enough that you are doing that. Artistic activity has the same effect as emotional purification. Specially during the painting, we put a lot of emotions on the canvas. Final look is not important. The performance of the activity itself is healing.

  1. Food

Healthy food is the base. Sweets, coca cola or unhealthy fried, oily food will not give our body all nutrients what we need. Especially in transitional period between spring and summer is very good to doping by vegetable, fruit, nuts, seeds, quality lean meat and fresh cooked food. Excellent are as well teas and a lot of water.

Everything new is in the beginning a bit weird, but just get a little bit motivated, do the first step and it will work by itself. The result is worth it…

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