Inner strength

Inner strength

The manual helps with the inner transformation and rediscovering of the inner strength and energy after exhausting period of time.

Wu Zetian managed a fairy tale rise from an ordinary concubine to the most powerful empress. She found a perfect harmony between purposefulness and flexibility and she used her power strategically. The manual helps with the inner transformation and rediscovering of the inner strength and energy after exhausting period of time, doubts, fear or unfulfilled love.

“Women / men who value themselves for what they are, radiate compellingly. They are aware of their value. To those who have, more will be given, from those who have little, even that will be taken.”

“A woman who gives space to her “inner empress” is strong, generous, open but at the same time mysterious being. As she knows her inner strength.”

The wisdom of the empress Wu Zetian helps people from all over the world to overcome difficult periods of life.

  1. The empress controls and directs her thoughts.

First she creates her empire in her thoughts, then that is followed by the energy and so the realization of thoughts and ideas. The empress knows these connections perfectly and she gradually creates her own world where she reigns on her own. If she is following fantasies they are only her owns and she does not let anyone manipulate or influence her.

  1. The empress uses her heart. She is aware of who she is and what she is. She knows of her strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Every day she goes through her attributes in her head and she knows which aspects of soul are responsible for them. She quickly recognizes her strengths and weaknesses and she learns how to boost or restrain them. She knows that her strength resides in herself.
  3. She knowingly concentrates on her strengths and weakens her flaws.

“The empress takes care that her virtues can grow from invisible to visible spheres. She traces up in abilities herself that she did not know of and she reinforces them. She utterly trusts her inner strength.”

“She focuses her passion on the things she wants to achieve in life.”

  1. Even before she rules her empire in reality, she seizes control of it in her mind. She paints a picture what it will be like and what she will do.
  2. First of all, she strengthens her body and mind, she insists on regular meals.

She nourishes her body with fresh food that is easily digestible.

  1. She insists on clarity of her thoughts, she does not concentrate on negative aspects.
  2. She treats herself with regular and good sleep and meditation.

“The empress discovers by herself what she actually wants, she gets rid of bad influences and she determinedly sets out for her journey.”

    • The empress is not ashamed
    • The empress knows her visions
    • The empress enjoys her passion
    • The empress always takes what she needs
    • The empress does not look on traditions
    • The empress does not reveal her secrets
    • The empress knows her power
    • The empress does not fool herself
    • The empress is generous
    • The empress is beautiful

“It looks so much better when a person is full of energy, enjoys life, his radiant nature and openness comes from the fact that he does not depend on anyone.”

“No perfume has as deep and strong effect as your own natural scent.” Some people do not smell nice despite using perfume, deodorant, frequent showers, meanwhile some spread something amazing and pleasing around them. The energy created from fear and negative emotions radiates all around us.

On the other hand, with the inner mental balance and strength, there is something incredibly magnetic all around us. People come to us, they want to meet, work and create new projects with us. They enjoy just as well only the possibility to be around us. We are unbelievably successful in everything and it looks like we are living our dreams and we are ruling our own inner kingdom.

The beginning is always within us….

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