Montenegro, like a Strong Investment Potential

Montenegro, like a Strong Investment Potential

New Association of luxury Montenegro

The port where luxury yachts are parked is growing every year. Definitely one of the best tourist investments in the last 25 years. It was primarily created for super yachts and rich billionaires who wanted to build one new destination.

Montenegro is a small fairytale seascape with an exotic domestication. A country full of contrasts. It offers wild and unfettered beauty, romance, beautiful sandy beaches connected with history in small cozy towns. Yet on the other side, there are pompous hotels, casinos, investment space for emerging development projects and insane luxury for Russian billionaires with moored ships in Porto Montenegro.Montenegro has been declared an ecological country as the “most ecological country in the world”. Montenegro is a relatively young country, established only recently, in 2006. Its capital is Podgorica. With a population of over 625,000, it is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Montenegro is one of the most attractive areas of the entire Adriatic. It is a country full of contrasts and natural beauty, land, sun, sea, high mountains and many historical monuments. The largest and most famous towns and tourist resorts on the Montenegrin coast include Budva, Bečiči, Sutomore and Ulcinj. The climate is very warm, which benefits a large amount of subtropical and coastal vegetation. Of the 240 sunny days a year, up to 180 days are suitable for swimming.

Tara Bridge Montenegro

In the footsteps of James Bond

Montenegro came to prominence mainly thanks to the immortal James Bond and the movie “Casino Royal”. Do you remember the exciting scenes on the train? They were looking for a train all over the world to make a film, and finally found an “ideal” one in Montenegro. Later, the poker game itself with extremely high stakes, where James Bond challenges the terrorist financier Chiffre in the scenes. This scene was shot on the premises of the impressive Baroque Hotel Splendid in Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor. Again, there is no similar hotel.

Film director Martin Campbell later joked: “I’ve never been to Montenegro, but I hope that their tourism is now exploding. If that happens, I expect a reward. “

Soon after this announcement, they saw a sharp increase in bookings, particularly at the Royale Casino and hotels. The film helped increase the overall popularity of casino gambling as well as a new influx of financial investment from Russian oligarchs. Montenegro offers several amazing casinos. They are best located on the coast of Montenegro. Recently, they have started to spread in the immediate vicinity and even online casinos have been created on the theme of Casino Montenegro.

Are you tempted by a bit of gambling and would you like to feel like James Bond for a few minutes? 

Casino, QUEEN OF MONTENEGRO (Becici) and Maestral Resort and Casino (Prznoe) are two of the most luxurious and famous casinos in Montenegro.

Porto Montenegro as a new luxury association

The Sunday Times wrote: “A good buy Monaco. Welcome Montenegro”, in an article describing Porto Montenegro.

The luxury package in a beautiful Mediterranean style is the perfect combination of everything the port has to offer. The port Montenegrin city of Tivat is today one of the most prestigious ports on the Adriatic. With unique accessibility to major European capitals, the port where luxury yachts are parked is growing every year. 

Definitely one of the best tourist investments in the last 25 years.

Primarily created for super yachts and rich billionaires who wanted to build one new destination to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature. Today, Porto Montenegro is an important tourist attraction not only for “crazy” rich yachtsmen. In Porto Montenegro you will taste the life of the real upper “10 thousand” at affordable prices.

The port of Montenegro offers several very interesting investment opportunities in emerging development projects. Luxury, comfort, shopping centers, culinary restaurants, great wine, parties, wellness and perfect services. Marketing is aimed mainly at young couples who indulge in pampering and fun in style. Spacious apartments in new projects with sea views as well as generous footage are starting to sell somewhere at the level of 100,000 euros.

At the moment, I have an incredible desire to embark on a new investment adventure……

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