Time is The Most Valuable Investment

Time is The Most Valuable Investment

No matter what will happen in 10 years, or what happened 10 years ago, it is not possible to change either influence. 

We only live right here and right now – not tomorrow, not yesterday. The energy we invest into everything we do is our life.

The only thing that really exists, is the thing that we are doing at this moment.

According to Eckhard Tolle, Joe Vitae, Kiosaki, Oprah and many other contemporary speakers, the past and the future are out of our control. It is pointless to invest our energy into anything other than the present. We should fully focus on our lives and forget about unimportant questions like “What if” and How will it be?”.

I do what I do, and I do it the best I can, right here and right now. Imagining catastrophic scenarios about one’s future or thinking about something that is probably not going to happen is costing us our life energy and stealing our own present. It is taking away the most beautiful and the most precious moments. It is taking away our life

“Present moment is the greatest gift we have. The one we are truly alive in, right now” (E.Tolle).

Imagine a scenario: It is a beautiful day – the sun is shining, the birds are singing, here and there you see snow, smell the scent of nature as you are getting ready for a mountain hike. Suddenly a thought comes to your mind: What if I cannot climb that hill? For the whole winter, I have not been at the gym, I am not in shape. It is already too difficult now, and that is just the beginning. 

In moments like this you have two options:

  • 1. Keep your focus on negative thoughts and continue. What if something happens to me along the way and I accidently break my leg? I will have to call for help, maybe I will not have a signal, or my phone will run out of battery. A helicopter rescue might find it difficult to find me and if they do, there might not be any possibility to land. I will not be able to get back with a broken leg or maybe the helicopter will not come and I will be left on my own in the mountains during the night, where wolves might find me and attack me. The best would be to go back home before I die.

Total nonsense! Even one simple hesitation can discourage us and force us to return home from the beginning.

  • 2. Not paying any attention to the negative thoughts and getting rid of them. It is a beautiful day today, what an excellent idea planning this trip. I will spend some nice time in nature breathing in fresh air and I will do something good for myself. After all, I have not been at the gym for a long time, it is a great opportunity to get back in shape. My legs hurt a little, so I’m going to have a nice butt, when I go down. And the view…the weather is perfect today. “You can smell the forest all around.”

The crisis is over, and I am enjoying this moment. My energy has the right direction. We enjoy the beauty and we do not pay attention to any useless things. 

“Our energy goes exactly where we direct our attention.”

What will happen tomorrow, does it exist right now? No

What happened yesterday, does it exist right now? No

“If you suffer for something, which does not exist, should you call yourself a genius or a fool?” -Sadhguru

Success means achieving your goals and being proud of yourself. I bought a beautiful house, expensive cars, I earned a lot of money – simply, I have achieved success in my career. I got promoted to a new business project, therefore I have to spend almost all of my time working and I do not even have time for anything else, but I still want to achieve more…Isn’t this a little narrow-minded view of the world?

Are you happy? Does it satisfy you? Or are we just getting further and further away from our real needs?

How to maintain a healthy life and not forget your own needs?

If my body and mind does not work properly, I am not able to give long-term high performances at work or in life. The truth is, that one day, my own body will declare a strike, of which consequences will be rectified for a very long time.

  • In life let us do things, which we find meaningful, not those that make sense to someone else. We are no one’s slaves. We are solely responsible for our own decisions.
  • Let us do our job the best way we can, so we can feel really good about it.
  • We should not forget about ourselves – it is not a science. Prioritizing the needs of others to our own will bring consequences.
  • When we work on something great and magnificent, that fills our lives with satisfaction and joy, we should not think about what is on someone else’s mind. There are plenty of crazy ideas, which come out to be successful in the end. The key is passion and self-realization. People who work really passionately on their projects and did not let anyone disturb them, they are the successful ones. Some ideas remain in the workshop, covered in dust. The master who gave them a soul did not make a fortune out of them but he was following his dream, working on his project, on his finest work – that was the thing that filled his life with happiness.

If you follow your dreams, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it….Le Globless 

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