The most successful real estate agent in the Los Angeles

The most successful real estate agent in the Los Angeles

Real estate is known for fierce aggression and competition. This business is incredibly demanding, especially for women. Estel is a beautiful French woman who has become one of the most interesting real estate professionals in the hyper-competitive environment of “Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Strong motivation and love for design and real estate motivated Estel to move from France to the USA and fulfill her big dream.

“I am a big dreamer and as far as I can remember , my goal was to live in a safe area, in a beautiful home with an amazing bathtub! Haha….  So my motivation was so strong, so deep,  that it really helped me in my business.” Estel Hilton

,,I actually did not know what I really wanted to do exactly, I just knew I wanted to create my  new life by materializing my dreams.” Estel 

Despite many warnings and problems, she decided to fight, not give up and go hard for her dream. In the USA, she took real estate exams and sold her first dream property within 10 days. Motivated by her first huge success, she handed out leaflets, knocked on the doors of houses in the luxury locations she looked for and introduced herself to people. Despite countless rejections, she has not given up and today is one of the most successful women in the luxury real estate market.

Ivana: What do you love so much about real estate and your work?

Estel: There is a lot I love about my business. The fact that there are so many different aspects of the real estate business makes it very interesting . One aspect I love is meeting new people, being social and getting to know new individuals . I also nurture relationships with my peers as we always come to a point where we need each other to make a transaction successful. The creativity part is also a part I really need for my mind, coming up with new marketing ideas is real fun and exciting. Additionally, I love helping clients with design and the preparation to make their house stand out in order to be more appealing to buyers and help them achieve a successful sale. Whether I represent a seller or a buyer, I just love helping people and I take pride in what I do.


Ivana: Have you always been attracted to the most luxurious properties on the market or is it a coincidence that you are selling houses for $ 32,000,000?

Estel: I love to help people in general and the price does not matter to me. Purchasing a home, at any price, is generally one of the biggest investments a person will make in their life so it is important to me to give every client the same care and attention.

However, it is always exciting to challenge myself so I have the tendency to always go toward the luxury market. There is also the part of creativity in the marketing process that differs depending on the price of the home. With luxury homes, I have more opportunities to use more creative marketing plans which actually are more costly as well. It is a risk to take but it is also why I thrive.

Ivana: In the real estate business, a good name, trust, predation and maybe even difference are very important. What is your guarantee of success and how do you build relationships with clients?

Estel: I take pride in being proactive, ethical and realistic. I always stay focused and keep a positive mind. I make myself available to my clients. They can call me anytime with any questions or concerns, they know I will always answer promptly. I keep my clients informed constantly on what is happening on the market. I spend time with them, I listen… listening to people is the key to success. People appreciate being heard , they can feel  if a salesperson is paying attention to their needs or if they are just making a generic sales speech.  I take time to understand every client’s vision and goal.  I pay attention to details at the highest level.


Ivana: Are you in contact with other countries and real estate agents and international clients, can it be said that this is your competitive advantage?

Estel: I do have clients all over the world. The properties I sell are in the Los Angeles area but I have access to marketing platforms worldwide in order to reach potential buyers. Many luxury properties in California are purchased by foreigners so I need to reach them directly.

I am a member of different Real Estate Groups and associations in different countries. As you may know, for example China has its own internet system. Any online marketing does not reach China unless you are a member of their system. Therefore I have a marketing platform connected to their internet.

Not all agents extend their reach to that point but it makes a big difference. I also cooperate with  other real estate agents to have the maximum exposure for my products.

Ivana: Is it true that your ambition is to cooperate internationally? Why stop in the US, when your European origins and knowledge of languages ​​and markets also open up new markets for you? 

Estel: The way the Real Estate business works in California is an agent can represent sellers and/or buyers. Representing a buyer is a completely different process than representing a seller. In both cases, we have to follow strict rules as we are regulated by the department of Real Estate of California. As an agent, we do more than just sell a property, we type contracts and we oversee all aspects of a transaction. In order to represent a client, we must know the local laws where the property is located. It is not even a matter of the country, laws differ in each state, therefore we have to practice where we passed our license.

I definitely cooperate with agents worldwide and we refer each other clients but when it comes to fiduciary duties to represent a client, I only work in California as the law permits. This said, worldwide buyers can be assured to have the best services by working with someone that is an expert in his area.

California is a very sought after area , people are buying and selling constantly . I am so busy , sometimes I even have to refuse clients . 

Ivana: Which of your sales are you most proud of and what are your plans for the future?

Estel: I have many properties I am proud that I sold. I may have a soft spot for  my first “Big” sale as it was very rewarding due to so many challenges I had to overcome as a newcomer. I had to beat all the most renowned agents in the Beverly Hills area to have the seller sign an exclusive listing with me.  The property was located on Rodeo Drive, where the street name itself makes a notorious statement. What was very special is after calling the owner almost everyday for 3 months to have him sign with me, he made his decision to give me this opportunity the day my mother was born. It was very emotional for me as my mother had died a few years prior. I always believed it was a sign from my mother to show me she will always be there for me.

I actually sold that property, all cash within 3 weeks to an Asian buyer.

 For the future: I not only want to continue to sell properties but I also have started to develop properties with worldwide investors. With my 15+ years of experience working with many investors, I am learning the “Property Development” side of Real Estate. I manage the process of the project from finding the investment property, building the project and reselling the end product. I work with the most notorious names in the business from architect, engineers to designers. The goal is to buy , build and sell for profit.

The other project I have and I am actually just starting to develop, is to offer a program on  self development and how to be successful in general and particularly in Real Estate.

Thank you very much for a wonderful and motivating interview with Estel. She is a great expert on luxury real estate. She is constantly educating herself, following trends, real estate prices, employing people and always being informed. She is in contact with sellers and buyers and fulfills dreams of perfect housing. Estel is a testament to unbelievable female strength and courage. Only who could achieve such success in the USA as this beautiful and skillful Frenchwoman, Le Globless


Kinza Vierik