3 seconds that will guarantee a successful first impression 

The first three seconds and we can either “PACK IT IN”  or the doors to the WORLD will open for us. Attention to details are decisive. You have just three seconds: you either get it or you lose your chance forever. It doesn’t matter even if it is private life or business. 

This very short lapse of time is enough to form an opinion about the person we are seeing for the first time. Three seconds and the brain connects to first impressions nicely, these three seconds can greatly determine how others will remember you. You might say that it is an extremely short time for a person to form an opinion about us. Definitely yes, but 3 seconds is enough to arouse interest or lose it completely.

,,Creating a so-called “WOW EFFECT” is not impossible, “a trick” can be used for everything.”

There are a few very simple tricks that will guarantee you success.

“The first impression”

Surely each of us knows the feeling when you just have to look perfect, we are preparing for an important event, the meeting on which your “lifelong satisfaction” depends  – When I really blow it up. It can be a meeting with a charming woman you need to impress, or a business meeting with the general owner of the world.

A Smile 

A smile opens doors everywhere, to anyone and under any circumstances. We all like the pleasant feelings associated with a smile. A person with a pleasant and smiley expression looks better than a stone-faced expression. We naturally prefer positive people, we like to meet them and be surrounded by them, their smile creates warmth and a pleasant atmosphere.


Based on the clothes, one classifies people in the social strata. We evaluate the cleanliness, suitability of clothing as well as its color. Clothing makes the first impression. A little advice: 90% of the world’s population loves blue – it inspires confidence.

„The sky and water are blue, blue is a good color. That’s why it is very suitable for business discussions, or important meetings “

We choose clothes that are less eccentric, they can contain one or two more eccentric elements, but no more. Of course, a neat face, clear skin, a stubble cut, which is currently “IN” or a clean-shaven face are a must. The stubble or a five o’clock shadow look careless in this case, so it’s better to avoid it. Attention should be paid to the hands, and nails should be clean and trimmed.

The Body Posture

“Posture speaks about self-confidence, determining one’s own space, security in life. Confident balanced posture is very important as it expresses an attitude towards life. It talks about our nature, temperament and sets boundaries for other people. ”

VOICE ….  Communication

We are more pleasantly listening to deeper tones, peaceful talking with a spark of temperament and personality. It is good to lay emphasis on important details. Voice is a great communication strategy. Sometimes you notice how we change our voice in different situations. When communicating with a client, merchants often use voice play and change the tone of speech. The voice is calmer and deeper, with an emphasis on important words and details. We subconsciously change the tone of voice when communicating with the opposite sex, in case he/she arouses our interest. We are making the voice more attractive.

OPEN Gestures

Natural open gestures are a very suitable option. Gesticulation can appear to be a bit disturbing.

Natural and relaxed speech

If you are relaxed, your mood can spread to other people in the room and create the perfect atmosphere.


Joking can relax the atmosphere in a very nonchalant way and strengthen a good impression …

“Nevertheless, when we laugh, we are happy and this emotion and pleasant feelings will later be associated with your person.

INTEREST in the person with whom you communicate 

Find out as much as possible about the person with whom you communicate. Learn about his/her interests, favorite topic …… in short, find common ground. Something that unites you. The like attracts the like and the creation of this feeling is very nice. Showing interest in the person you are communicating with is one of the top valued points.

And the prerogative of kings is NOT TO BE LATE.

“Kings were not late, only the others came earlier …. Recently, scientists have found that being late is a manifestation of increased creativity, so here you go …….. In case when you are late, you can use a similar creative excuse.”

All The Best …. Le Globless 

Le journalist

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