People want “game”

People want “game”

For me personally, these games are not that much interesting. I quite like the real world. But the question is, why so many young people are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies?

It’s very tempting for young people to want to be rich.  So fast and so easy, they do everything, what is possible, to achieve it.  It’s working very easily, they are scrolling Instagram and following somebody, who looks rich. 

They want to be the same, same rich, same exclusive person.  It doesn’t matter how much they will pay for these bubbles

And when you start to understand what people really need, it’s so easy to give them what they want.

 Same, as in old times, people want:

  • bread
  • games
  • the taste of secret 
  • forbidden fruit

 If it’s possible, bring a mixture of this and they will pay the fortune.

  • Bread could be understood as money, you need them to buy food for you and for your family.
  • Then, people want games, which brings the adrenaline.  They like to play in normal lives, so it’s natural to play games with money.
  • Secrets.  People like all the mysterious things.  So it’s a very good approach, not to tell them everything at the beginning.  Cause they just love secrets.
  • Forbidden fruit.  Things, what we see, and can’t have.  Somebody else has it.  And we want it so badly.  We will do all for it.


The mixture of these 4 things is Cryptoworld aware of and uses it for its strategy. 

They know what people want.

Kinza Vierik