Process for memory and above-average intelligence

Process for memory and above-average intelligence

 The brain affects everything that happens in our lives.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in the most important thing, the brain. We can strengthen the control centre of the whole human body as a muscle. All it takes is to know how to do it.

Imagination is a building block for building new pathways in our brains, it’s like with young children, they don’t realize the difference between reality and imagination. When learning, they form associations and absorb information like a sponge. Researchers agree that constant stimulation in the form of ´inputs´ is needed to support the child’s brain as well as its activities. New stimuli that the child’s little head connects and processes. Part of this process is the creation of new brain pathways and increasing its capacity.

The operation of the brain is incredibly demanding, fascinating and at the same time childishly playful as learning itself.

When communicating with above-average intelligent individuals, this fact is clear to us from the very beginning, even in the case of children.

Two of my very good friends have highly above-average intelligent children. Honestly, their questions made me quite sweaty, since they were constantly asking, discovering and searching. The two boys are absolutely different. Surprisingly, none of them went to a number of clubs or were under pressure to learn different languages from diapers.

Did the above-average intelligence come by itself, or did the surroundings unknowingly help?

In both cases, stimuli were important. The enormous amount of stimuli that these children have received since they were little, and this naturally affected their intelligence. Their brains were constantly working and creating ….. Both mothers raised their children alone, forcing them to take their tots with them everywhere.

    1. They often changed the environment, travelled and talked to a lot of interesting people and artists.
    2. They stimulated the imagination. They taught them new things and skills, but they did not accept the fact that they could do it for their child, they simply helped him/her but left the main activity for the child to do it him-/ herself..
    3. “He/she will figure out how to do it,” and he/she did. They led them to independence.
    4. Environment. They constantly moved between humble and very skilful personalities. What built the children’s personality, they simply repeated, which had a huge impact on their development.

The children grew up in an environment where they were constantly processing information in an absolutely natural manner.

Increasing brain efficiency

The reason I started talking about children is very simple. Above-average intelligent people have never got rid of qualities that are absolutely natural for children and help in the learning process. Simply living and processing stimuli from the environment constantly educates, teaches and motivates us, creates new brain pathways.

“We only repeat what we see from the surroundings and try only what fascinates or interests us.”

In fact, intelligent people have never got rid of playful exploration and the joy of life. And yes, 100% is that they are not surrounded by many people, why would they actually do that? 

They do not need to repeat the bad habits of the environment.

Note your own behaviour in a group of people, for example, among an alcohol intoxicated company with cigarettes in hand, there is a high probability that you will want to light a cigarette as well.

Conversely, in a group of people who are concentrated on building, advancing, and have their “healthy rituals,” meditation, healthy diet, humble behaviour, openness, and clear communication, you will most likely sooner or later begin to behave similarly.

It’s all about our own setup.

Promoting “brain” health

In order for the brain to function properly, it needs a lot of nutrients and especially rest, in this way we can increase its efficiency by up to 80%. The brain works like a muscle, everything we improve and build grows. That’s exactly the way it is with our brains. ·

    • Healthy food for our brain. Avocados, nuts, tea, blueberries
    • Exercise in the fresh air.
    • Brain diet. With this diet I mean the removal of artificial colours, sweeteners, chemistry in food. And an absolute fast food detox. Artificial sweeteners literally kill our brain cells, away with them.
    • Chemical detox starts with one, GOODBYE. Say goodbye to pills, supportive chemicals, stimulants as well as narcotics that “fool” our brain.
    • Positive habits. They make us the people we want to be. Early meditation or running, listening to relaxing music, education ….
    • Healthy environment. Not only the one in which you work but also in which you constantly live and are surrounded by.
    • Cleanliness. This is incredibly important, order and purity is one of the main attributes to support the mind, as we do not distract our brains with rubbish, but focus on important things.
    • Clean environment, water, air, food is the building block of health.
    • Sleep. Good sleep is necessary for convalescence of the body and brain. It is during sleep that our long-term memory is built. Sleep regime is incredibly important for dreaming. 

Every day is new chance for start …..

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