Feelings+ Habits= Future

Feelings+ Habits= Future

As if we were all starving for quality answers. Never before have people read and cared so much about success, self-knowledge, progress, psychology, ecology with as much enthusiasm as they do now. The answers to how things works are not sufficient for us.

We are looking for answers to questions, this era is full of questions and at the same time low-quality answers that are for us inadequate. We simply started to want more from our lives and we are willing to look for and find out quality answers. We are not interested in technical, marketing, media, manipulative answers, on the contrary we will be satisfied with answers that will fulfill our internal needs. People love knowledge and like to learn, exchange information- they want more.

Knowledge + experience + emotions = we feel love for life and for our own soul

The chemical information around us are as sterile as a computer program, and we desire to open our own minds. Make our own progress and broaden our horizons. People long for opportunities, we are a completely different generation. We just want more from life, we expect more, we search, but we also give more and we have generally greater awareness.We build a healthy and open mind + we cultivate a strong body + we realize that we are more than just a body and a head. We subconsciously desire to nurture our Soul as well = we want real knowledge.

How to use your own full potential. The full potential of life around us? Let’s try to go at full speed. No, a half-speed …..

We all live with emotions, they influence our actions every single day. Emotions alone are not bad nor they are simply good. The problem arises when we live with the emotions of the past every single day. We wake up thinking about the problems from yesterday and imagine what problems await us today. We live only from day to day, without joy and with the sorrows of the past days or years. Some people live like this for years. They wake up day after day and repeat the same scenario. They start every single day with the past, which means they don’t change anything, they change absolutely nothing. How often do you meet someone and he/she tell you about the same problem over and over again? Constant ‘‘ complainer ‘‘ over the reality.

“How can you have a quality life? How can you change your future when you live in the past every day? ”

,, When you change feelings + you change habits= You will change the future. “


  1. Close your eyes / calmly close your eyes and try to calm your mind/.
  2. Work with your breath / be aware of individual inhales and exhalations/.
  3. Replace the memories from the past with visions of the future.

What is more important? Past or connection to the present and visualizing the future?

Visualization of the future

It is not very easy to imagine the future and goals. Sometimes it happens that you think, “That’s stupid. That will not happen. That is not possible, after all. I can’t do something like that. That’s very good for me. I don’t even dare to think about it. “

Nonsense. How can we be afraid of a simple idea? I can imagine anything, no one will judge me for it. Except for the case when I would be the greatest judge. Imagine whatever you want, absolutely everything, the most bizarre thing in the world. If you really want it. It may sound silly to you on the first day, but tomorrow it will be better because you already imagined it TODAY.

Add a feel to this idea. How would I feel if it came true for me? It’s already happening. You just got the job of your dreams or bought a new house at a long-desired place. Or you have a completely healthy and beautiful body and you have lost those 15 kilos. Or you have become the owner of a new Ferrari. Or you see your family living in absolute peace and happiness. You have just removed your bad habit. ……. whatever you have a yacht or you have finally found a soulmate.

Support it with a feeling of happiness. How many lives do we have? Only one, so let’s enjoy it, experience as much as possible and fulfill our dreams.

“People believe more in the past than in their own future.”

Let’s throw away the past and trauma. “The bigger trauma we have experienced in our lives, the deeper it has become inscribed in us. When we remember bad experiences, it is as if we were going through the same thing again. Our body and brain produce the same hormones and emotions as in a trauma. ” “You can have 1,000,000 beautiful things around you, by focusing on one evil you can ruin everything.” Go All In …

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