WORLD; Unique World Leader

WORLD; Unique World Leader

A real leader nowadays is no longer about the fastest car, the world’s multinational company, or the size of the bank account. The uniqueness of the World Leaders lies in real values. Values ​​that last for ages and really contribute daily to a better world, small or big steps. It is not an easy-to-find person, it is a man or owner of excellent, and at the same time, simple qualities.

Men like to represent their wealth, but a real leader is destroying the shores with absolute simplicity and peace. He’s the one who gets your attention but doesn’t need it. On the contrary, he enjoys his own privacy and peace.

In life, I have been surrounded by the patterns of incredibly successful and often very humble leaders. At first glance, they will not captivate you, they will simply leave a mark on you. They even hide and they are not conspicuous while forming a tiny amount of the population. They are a gem, living proof of what a male Leader should be like.


“They love quality and indulge in the best, not the most spectacular and most visible because they do not live for the eyes of others. They don’t care about what people think and say about them.”


Privacy is a real luxury.

Can you imagine that a real LEADER would put on a woman’s dress and would dance scantily clad on instagram? NO. Unfortunately, such behavior not only identifies with a leader but also with a healthy man. Even such attempts are not funny, on the contrary, they are regrettable. Because doing something very stupid just for the popularity tells too much about your personality, and it means that you have a weak personality and you do the stuff for sheep. Doing something just for a quick boast in fame doesn’t lead to a successful career. A real leader is not doing things for two days of popularity but they are looking long-term.


He is not just the leader of a pack of or a company, he is at the forefront of the food chain because he is simply SMART. Not too smart, just Smart.

A game changer and  a great strategist, yes He teaches – understands very quickly and does not chase sheep. He doesn’t do what everyone does, only pursues his own goals. Sometimes can be a gray eminence in the background. The quietest and most mysterious man in the room. At the same time, however, he cannot be overlooked by the power of personality and charisma. This radiation cannot surpass anything. The power of personality is more dazzling than any wealth.

A protective shield for women and the weak

Pursuing one’s goal does not mean ignoring others and ruthlessly destroying lives around one another. Vice versa. Leaders, do not hesitate to act in any crisis situation, and don’t waste time taking responsibility. At the same time, however, he always acts thoughtfully. 

,,Women are naturally weaker than men, she makes a smaller amount of money, she doesn’t have a strong muscle structure and she is more emotional. A woman is like a flower and she needs love and care from the men. Men are like her hero and protective when she is weak.”


A strong, clear penetrating mind and emotions simply do not belong together.

Emotions weaken us. They make us unstable and obscure our thinking. Emotions such as passion, jealousy, arrogance, greed, or superiority internally destroy and weaken us…. To succumb to them is to fail.

Beware, however, LOVE is not an emotion, love is a huge gift of inner strength, which makes us stronger today, but it is rather exceptional.

To love, without emotion, is a real gem, a gift from God.


Many people appear to be generous to the eye, but with their generosity, they only pursue their own goals. 

Generosity without expectations, sincere noble-mindedness or even doing things for God’s face speaks of the magnificent and huge heart of a true Lion. 


A strong personality is not subject to fashion or trends. It is something that increases in value and constantly earns you plus points. We’re just doing the right thing the right way. There is no shame in failing, making a mistake or making a “fo – paa”, as we would otherwise learn and move forward. No one in the world is born learned and we gain experience only through practice.

 Every single person is simply mistaken and we slip here and there. However, a strong personality will acknowledge his mistake, try to correct himself or ask for help, he will apologize.


It opens the door to business partners, great and good business as well as long-term partnerships. I don’t know if honesty can be learned, it will probably come naturally with years of experience and the right decisions. 

,, If you find a wallet full of money on the street and you open it and inside will so many diamonds cards with full names you will call the person and take his wallet. 

Cold, peace

Sometimes you can be shocked when you see a real leader in the game: staying cold and calm in a difficult and stressful situation. For example: It is  necessary to make daily difficult and fast decisions. A company can lose 150 mil. euro and the leader just stays calm and thinks about how he can solve the situation. He is not stressed, just peaceful. 

It is something not learned, it is simply the prerogative of kings. Real not titled. A strong lion is not subject to external influences or a surge of anger or emotions.

He believes in his abilities and even though he is not in power, he is totally tired and destroyed, radiating dignity from him. He believes in himself in God and remains in peace.

Even the strongest male leader, whether the leader sometimes makes a mistake, explodes from time to time or fails to control himself. Because he still remains human, he is not Superman.

It is just a matter of upholding the right and real values, of clearly realizing our path and the boundaries between arrogance, arrogance and humility, decency and generosity.

The recent years have been very challenging for everyone, all the more so for men in leadership positions. Every day we face many temptations and small challenges in controlling ourselves. We keep our distance from people and at the same time it has never been easier to communicate with them. The world is open and we are still closing it down and building barriers.

We long for real values ​​and yet we lie here and there in tinsel. The line between good and evil has never been thinner and the differences are almost disappearing. Perhaps it is through our attitude, respect, kindness, humility, or decency that we can be the first step to change.

I support the preservation of the real Man: the leader or protector and the leader or warrior. A man who leads people properly, protects his family and loves his wife. A unique personality. The true representative of the male generation…. Le Globless

Only such dreams can be fulfilled if you have the courage to dream.


Kinza Vierik