Bahrain, the first financial centrum

Bahrain, the first financial centrum

Bahrain is the first financial centrum in Gulf countries, much before Dubai, Qatar or Saudi. They were the first to establish a financial centrum on  lands like Singapore or- UK.

Bahrain is ranked among the five richest countries in the GCC countries. Bahrain fascinates me with its history, mentality, as well as huge business opportunities. A very interesting and super smart man will introduce us to the world of investing and business. He takes care of the investor portfolio of one of the oldest and most influential Bahraini families, originally from Kuwait. I am honored and privileged to hear the words and experiences of Mr. Adham Ali CEO one of the most prominent, largest and leading business groups in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ivana: What does it mean to be the Chief Executive Officer for one of the most prominent, largest and leading  important Bahrain families?

Adham: Firstly, what is really good is that I feel very grateful and secondly, I have a big responsibility to work with the family Private office is not like you working in Governmental or Private firm or banks, this is the responsibility to secure a wealth of great great-grand fathers for the coming generations.

Yet, it’s a big responsibility for them to be in life standards that they have to carry on for the future generation they have.

For millennia, pearling and its associated trades shaped the economy and culture of Bahrain’s island society. As a centre for pearling, Bahrain was the regional economic hub where pearl divers.

Ivana: So I also think that it is a great honor to work for the family with an old history. The family has a very old business history. Even if I’m correct, his great- grandfather started a business with pearls.  ?

Adham: The family has more than 200 years of history. Originally from Kuwait, the family is one of the oldest and one of the most important families in Bahrain. The great grandfather started a pearl business at that time, there was not much to do here other than fishing or pearls. However, working with pearls was very difficult and not everyone could do it. On the other hand, it was necessary to build relationships and travel a lot. Later, the business expanded and with that came contacts and new experiences.

The ancestral family is one of the oldest trading families on the island which originally dealt in Pearls Trading, with his great-grandfather who is also a Member of the British Empire (MBE), commonly referred to as the King of Bahraini Pearls, and one of the biggest landlords in the Kingdom, and are now leaders in various Government, Banking and Educational positions. This amazing family history and business experience open up opportunities for families all over the world.

Ivana: Are you currently focusing only on the GCC market or are you also open to cooperation with other countries? Which countries are you open too?

Adham: The GCC countries are like our brothers, it is easy for us to deal and trade in these markets, and we have good cooperation with Europe, Asia and Africa. Many international corporates contact us on a daily bias interested in cooperation and we are picky the best to alliance.

In the same time Internationally, we deploy capital with integrity across a variety of asset classes and geographies for the greater benefit of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ivana: What are the terms and conditions for investors to enter the Bahrain market?

Adham: Investors can contact us directly or they Bahrain Economic Development Board EDB for more gaudiness. Further, The Kingdom Bahrain is open to new technology;

For example, we need more industrial like Steel Plats, Automobile Companies, Medical Plants, Petroleum Services  to strength the local and regional economy, for that we are willing to support financially (investment capital).

Education: In Bahrain, the main higher education focuses on two lines: Engineering IT, and the Finance, and need enhancement in many areas.

Bahrain is completely different from other GCC countries, education is the most important thing for us. This makes us different from other countries.

The Bahrain World Trade Center (also called Bahrain WTC or BWTC)

Ivana: Your Group is investing and partnering at the leading edge of global growth and innovation to create opportunities for future generations. Do you see the willingness of investors to invest in European markets? What businesses do Bahrain invest the most in? Is it also the gas and oil business?

Adham: Yes we see the willingness, and we do a lot of investments in Europe Markets.

As stated, wee need more of Steel Plats, Automobile Companies, Medical Plants, Agro Businesses, fisharies and Petroleum Services to strength the local and regional economy.

In MBM holding we offer many services:  Like, Energy, Petroleum & Petrochemical , Renewables, Global Sports Management, Real Estate & Infrastructure, EPC & BOT contracting, Local and International project funding, General Trading, Oil & Gas trading, Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology, Agribusiness, Metals & Mining and we are open to new business.

Ivana: The main idea of ​​Le Globless is to connect private worldwide investors with the right opportunities. We would like to learn from the best, unique, brilliant and powerful global leading minds and to share this experience. Le Globless also attracts investors from around the world. What do you think about our mission Le Globless and building a new generation of business? 

Adham: I like to learn and exchange experiences, that’s the only way we can move forward and grow.  

“I’m not here for a date, but for marriage. As a society with tradition, we value history and roots. We have respect for our partners and build long-term relationships.” Adham Ali. 

Connecting investors and investment opportunities is fascinating, it is a huge responsibility but also amazing work. Constant learning and advancement, you simply never know what awaits you.

The world is like one country full of endless possibilities and challenges. I believe that everything is possible and it’s true.

Le Globless,, If God wills, it will come. Thank you for an amazing and very inspiring conversation.


Kinza Vierik