PRAGUE; Emotional characteristics of the target group

PRAGUE; Emotional characteristics of the target group

Social media take away from us more than we get from them. The look at groups of people of whom a half is staring at their smartphones is very sad. To a marketer, social media offer some sort of emotional characteristics of the target group. So, can one do business without them?

I have a passion for new creative designs, motivation, art, history, communication and traveling, as well as for non-traditional inspirations, opening up of new horizons, getting to know new cultures, touching upon controversial topics and primarily meeting of interesting personalities, whose opinion on different themes is not the same as mine. And in the end, we might find out that we look at the matter similarly, but from a different perspective.

And this is showing how this interview on the theme of marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram came into being.

,,Take a deep breath and remember who The you are. No waste your time, your energy, your blessing.“


Can one really live and do marketing without Instagram and Facebook?

Ivana: I live without Facebook and Instagram already for several years, I don’t consider these media to be my target group. My target group are conscious individuals who consider their time, who just don’t have a capacity to promote semi-nude photos, or following relatives, who they haven’t seen for ages. I was active on both social media sites for several years. However a person tries to steel himself/herself against a promotional content, something still remains in his/her mind and in this way „undesirably“ lets information that he/she in fact does not want to, in his/her mind, which in turn, naturally influence his/her buying behaviour.

Instagram and Facebook are like an addiction, you begin out of curiosity and later you became „highly addicted“ investing long hours into following other „personalities“ living „insta-bubble“ live out of touch with the reality.

I don’t want to allow such information into my mind. Firstly, I am not interested in that and secondly my target group are people who „think“. I don’t see a real value in sharing of the marketing information about investing or the global affairs on Facebook, or Instagram. And how come? Simply, the users of these social media are not interested. The target group there is more interested in other kind of products and not personalities like me.

On the top of that is my privacy my own luxury that I do not wish to share with 1000 to 100 000 strangers. You never know what these people have in mind, how they think and so on and you cannot estimate precisely what kind of impact has publishing of privacy-related information on social media.

Juraj Š: Firstly, I agree with the opinion above. Social media take from our lives a lot. More precisely, I would say that they take away more than we receive. The look at groups of people of whom a half is starring at their smartphones is very sad.

A couple of years ago, I had a period when I deactivated all my social media profiles- I was relieved. I do hope that at some point in the future, I will have to do that again.

I have a small, but successful promotional agency. With the arrival of the digital bubble I was ´forced´ to incorporate the social media into the marketing mix upon the request of the most solvent client. In today´s times is a functional marketing, especially the B to C one, is without these promotional instruments almost impossible. Especially when you want to develop or expand something.

My reply to the question above is following:

„Indeed, I think that a good marketer has to be/should be on the social media.

Of course, one can discuss this on „a case by case basis“, but generally I dare say that it is a must.

The social media, apart from general knowledge and the immediate nature of news happening around us, provide to us, marketers, somehow hard definable emotional characteristics of the target group, which is significant for us in a concrete project.

In my quality of a private person, I follow several fan pages that are relevant for me, as a rule, portals and fan pages, which are important from the perspective of my current clients´ interests.

People behave on social media differently. Offline is their life and character oftentimes different form their behaviour on Facebook or Instagram. Yes, this opens up the question of what reality is and what is not. I think that the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. People like to voice their opinion on the present themes in the discussion streams.

Indeed, a majority of discussants spams with irrelevant things and the era of hate makes from the social media outlets “sewer“. But when you find comments „to the point“, it can be many times inspiring. I contend that if a marketer can have a look into the soul of the potential clients, this can help him/her to fine tune the marketing communication of the projects he/she is in charge of. For illustration, targeting of the campaigns and communication becomes a bit easier.

From the interesting discussion with my colleague, who is a journalist as well, I would point out one another thing. Ivana claims that the target group of investors, owners of private firms and enterprises, or personalities who are short of time, do not check Facebook or Instagram, as they do not have an active social media profile.

I posted a new post after a two-years pause the last week. I went on bike after a really long period. I am active online, sometimes even in a too large extent. If I fall within the category of people of interest to Ivana, that´s another question.

Ivana: I am aware that when the time comes, I will have to share information about my professional and artistic life, at least, partially. However, currently, there exist many people who take pleasure in managing private profiles and they do it great.

Therefore, I would entrust social networks to “social enthusiasts” 🙂

Kinza Vierik