MONACO; Crypto currencies enjoying huge popularity

MONACO; Crypto currencies enjoying huge popularity

The era of Crypto madness, the vision of getting rich quick, spilling money, casino games, and storing and controlling information. Launched at some point in 2010, cryptocurrencies saw a new great upward trend during the Coronavirus, giving a new hope to young people who long for wealth, fame and success. the problem is that they often do not want to work for it, and look for getting rich as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Crypto currencies are spreading all over the world and enjoying huge popularity. It’s like a huge Casino, an imaginary world that is, as if it was without control. Only the ones who can move in the fairy-tale world of Etherneum, Bitcoin, XRP, Chainlink and the like will get rich. The community is completely far from me. I arranged a meeting with a young enthusiast of crypto currencies, a like able Milanese living in Monaco Matteo Pecar, we arranged a meeting in the port of Monte Carlo on a beautiful sunny morning right in Stars “N” Bars, one of the first places I visited about a million years ago. On the outdoor terrace, a smiling, hard-working man was already waiting for me

Ivana: Matteo, please tell me how did you get to crypto, you have a very good work and a beautiful family, after all, this world is very time consuming.

Matteo: Indeed, I have a wonderful wife and marvelous baby, and could not be happier.

Currently I am a Director of the biggest worldwide supplier of Pre-press Flexo equipment (Vianord Engineering, in Carros). I am very interested in the world of Crypto, even if I reckon it is not easy to understand right away, and it is pretty wild, it’s an incredibly fascinating, and varied ecosystem. One day I started watching videos, reading and looking for a way to understand, and I haven’t stopped since then. Since early 2017 I try to understand with passion how it all works, and continue to advise people. There is, after all, a lot of confusion, and lack of information in the crypto world.

Ivana:Where are you looking for information and where are you learning?

Matteo: Youtube is the best platform to learn (in terms of anything). You just have to spend time on it, and select the right channels. / Twitter is also very useful for quick news and updates – Andreas Antonpoulos is the greatest source of inspiration; very knowledgeable from the technological, and economical perspective. He opens up a whole new ideological and philosophical dimension to public blockchains, which I find very fascinating.

I attend conferences in Monte Carlo and Milan. Conferences are good for networking, not much for learning. The issue with conferences is that you mostly find companies trying to promote their projects, which very often do not even make a lot of sense.

Ivana: What is your personal aim, what would you like to do?

Matteo: Since the day I started, I tried several things in this industry: investing, mining, consulting, and reviewing projects. I am constantly looking for the right idea that could really be used at their fullest potential, with the features and potentialities of open, public blockchains. In the near future I will keep investing and consulting. Currently I am creating a Cryptocurrencies course for companies, and financial groups who want to understand more about the technology, the potentials, the ecosystem, the players and dynamics of the crypto market. – The whole industry is still in its very early stage. There is still a world to implement and discover. In such a scenario, it is normal to see also bad actors who try to monetize on people’s lack of knowledge, and their inclination to fall for “get rich quick” schemes. Despite those, that you will find in more all less all new industries with a potential, there is also a small percentage of good ideas, or maybe we should call them experiment in this phase, that are being developed and are shaping this industry. Some will succeed, many will fail; but from the failures you’ll get the next generation of projects that will continue to improve the ecosystem. The road to mass adoption is still far away, and the goal is obviously to enable anyone to access this market easily. More and more we see financial institutions, and tech giants trying to position themselves in what could be the new paradigm of money and finance, which could well be triggered by an eventual collapse of the traditional monetary, and financial system. What I find most fascinating is seeing the rise of a new financial ecosystem, completely decentralized, borderless, neutral (as everybody can join), and censorship resistant. What will happen to this in the future is certainly a huge question mark; but I am confident that some cryptocurrencies will stay, and will become a valid alternative to traditional currencies.

Thank you, Matteo, for an incredibly nice meeting. Matteo, whose opinions and life attitude, as well as a view of crypto I really like. Hardworking and friendly people have their doors open everywhere and never have to worry about getting lost. We surround ourselves with nice and humble people, it makes us better and then even this world looks a bit more beautiful as well.

Kinza Vierik