MONACO, Favorite Prince’s place

MONACO, Favorite Prince’s place

Buddha Bar Monte Carlo is one of the most interesting bar concepts in the world.

A winsome view, burning torches, the gorgeous outfits of private guests coming from all around the world, great service and privacy. There are defined hours at which you are not let in and ordinarily, no way to enter without a reservation. I came to visit at the earliest opportunity as I was interested in seeing how post-Covid-19 Monte Carlo is. Moïse Bluteau, and one of the best bar managers in Monaco accepted my interview invitation. An agreeable and charming gentleman with a smile on the face greeted me on the stairs…

Ivana: Moïse please tell me how is it to work in one of the most famous places of Monte Carlo? I know that you are one of the top managers, who are followed by happiness and success at each location. Is it just a coincidence?

Moïse: (with an ear to ear smile) I have worked in Monte Carlo for more than 20 years. I started in a bar called Stars’N’Bars, where I lived golden times. The concept was set very well, and we looked forward to meeting prominent guests, whose photos are hanging on the walls today. I have served many famous personalities from the film screens as well as from business. Later, I changed to Buddha Bar and this place feels like a family; I know our clients, this mystical atmosphere just wins over everybody. After all, this is one the most famous places globally. 

The concept of Buddha Bar counts to the most famous and luxurious places in the world and this one in Monaco is unique by its history. Its equipment is surely one the most luxurious in the group of Buddha bars, offering a décor inspired by Opera Garnier (which was an inspiration for the Opera de Monte Carlo) which subtly intermingles pressed pieces, ancient statues, an Asian décor of the colonial era, giant chandeliers and red carpets which completes the unforgettable concept. The furnishings and grandiosity of the place offers the clients from around the world a unique atmosphere complemented by exotic cuisine and excellent DJs. Music, deeply entrenched in the DNA of the concept has always played a crucial role. 

Ivana: What is it like to be working in one of the most well-known spots in Monaco and one can say even in the world. Do you have a favorite place in Monaco?

Moïse: Buddha Bar has an unbelievable atmosphere and is one of the most historic places in Monte Carlo- balusters, statues, chandeliers as well as many pieces of furniture have a historic value. The latter gently intermingle with the contemporary chic style and exotic culinary. Personally, I lay a particular emphasis on the service which is at the top level here. It is a must, we are not differentiating between clients, but it’s true that our clients just love comfort and have a soft spot for good quality service. We receive many prominent guests from Monaco but also from around the world , they are coming here to enjoy themselves, have dinner with the whole family, or to just have a good time while listening to music in a bar atmosphere. Our clients very much like the atmosphere, food, but also their privacy, a natural thing is excellent service. 

“The trees around were a gift from the Prince of Malaysia” who gave them to Monaco as a gift. It is said that rubber trees were planted here before, but people were allergic to them.

I love this atmosphere and the surrounding park, every single tree has its own number and must not be cut down. For me, however, the most valuable tree in the garden is the massive bushy and old one, he certainly remembers a lot …. it is surrounded by benches, you have to go and see it. Whenever I need to recharge or be in a better mood, I go to him for a few minutes. He has incredible strength.

I am proud of this place, the work I do, and the environment created for us by the Government of Monaco and the Prince

Ivana: I would be interested in knowing whether a place like Buddha Bar even needs advertising.

Moïse: Our Prince takes really good care of advertising and marketing of the whole of Monaco, so I really don’t have anything to complain about, we are almost always full. Even right after Covid-19, we received relatively enough customers. People like it here, the place is big and open, but at the same time you have the feeling of privacy. The atmosphere is excellently complemented by the giant Buddha in the middle of the space and the music is from the best DJs of the world. After all, playing in Buddha Bar is a great honor. We offer interesting mixed drinks, we employ meticulous personnel and the very best cooks. Very often we get orders for private parties and gatherings. I am proud of working here and managing people for more than 10 years. 

Ivana: How was the course of quarantine in Monaco? Honestly, it is the top season and I have never experienced Monaco so empty…

Moïse: Many inhabitants of Monaco prefer privacy and they gave priority to quarantine in private groups, somewhere on private islands or on yachts which abound here… smile. On the other hand, Monaco has probably the best healthcare in the world. There are 3 hospitals in a relatively small area, al, of course, for the comfort and safety of Monte Carlo residents. The only thing that has changed a bit is the arrival rate of guests from Russia, the USA and the UAE about this time last year we had the main season. However, flights from America are limited, also from Russia only private flights come in and the situation is similar in the UAE. Honestly, nobody has such a desire to travel, but as for the bars and discos, which should open within the next week, we will see how the situation will evolve. Now we have guests mainly from France, Switzerland and Italians, of course Germans, and we are looking forward to frequent visits of Slovaks.

Even though I’m not a prominent guest, prior to the interview, I did a little research and talked to the waiters, everyone was attentive. One of the very skilled young people is Luca, an Italian who has been working here for several years. He was agreeable, polite and proud of his work, working 5 days a week nonstop with a smile on his face. He helped me with all the questions, gave me a phone recharge and recommended a very good meal, among other things he also talked a little about himself, which was very pleasant …..

The humility, manners and a great service, intelligence and a humor of the staff is for me one of the measures of quality of the most luxurious places in the world.

Thanks to Moïse, who created a very pleasant environment for me and who with his kind and friendly character with the grandiosity of a Frenchman – in elegant gentleman ways – created the atmosphere of Buddha Bar and made my stay in Monaco more pleasant. Thank you for the great people and staff at this place, because people are the heart of the business. Many thanks and respect for your work and good luck Le Globless. 

Copywriter: Cyril Thorne 

Kinza Vierik