BAHRAIN; The qualities of Fighters

BAHRAIN; The qualities of Fighters

The love of martial arts is something special that engulfs you, fills you, directs you while teaching you control and discipline. Martial arts makes a boy a man; a girl a woman; and both of them a leader. I have noticed many connections between fighters and skilful world leaders. The qualities of fighters and strong leaders intertwine and many strong businessmen and businesswomen do martial arts.

Even young children fight among themselves; they play games to find out who is the strongest; they imagine which superhero they could be and they like to portray him, or her.

This was also the case with an energetic and creative young man, whose roots are a combination of the temperament of Puerto Rico and the positive energy of Mexico, the countries by which the professional fighter Jose Shorty Torres has been shaped.

Le Globless: How are you Jose Shorty Torres? I know a little bit about you and that you have just returned from Bahrain. I see on Instagram that you enjoyed an exceptionally tasty breakfast today? How did you enjoy Chicago?

Jose: Yes, Bahrain is like my second home. I have great friends in Bahrain, we hang out with important people and I can devote myself fully to boxing.

When you’re boxing, you don’t have time to think about your girlfriend, mom or family or friends. You are fully dedicated to boxing and tournaments. I am a professional fighter and this is my life.

However, I always get back home, to my family, friends … then we treat ourselves to a lot of great food as you can see on Instagram. They are the reason I am fighting. I love my family.

Jose Shorty Torres, breakfast when you return home to Chicago.

Le Globless: You started martial arts at a very young age, at about 4 years old doing karate, then later you slowly transitioned to MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet-Kune-Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, Pankration, San Shou, Muay Thai, K1, and Wrestling. What do you love the most about martial arts? 

Jose: Yes, I started martial arts at the age of 4. As a kid, I used to watch fairy tales with superheroes, Power Rangers and the like. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to fight, protect myself and have a lot of fun. I really enjoy the martial arts.  It’s fun for a child, a child just does what he loves.

I have fought a lot and improved in MMA fights, boxing, and have competed in many jiu-jitsu tournaments. I have worked very, very hard. Now, I am a professional fighter. Every child dreams of that.

Le Globless: Currently, you are a brown belt rank in the Combat-Do (Judo/Jiu-Jitsu). You earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Sports -Exercise. What do leadership and martial arts have in common? 

Jose: I am very lucky and I want to spread this happiness further, so I try to help anywhere, and as much as possible. Now maybe I can help you, and you help someone else or you help me and all this is completely selfless. 

,,I just give as much help as I can but when I can’t, I’m sorry I just can’t. I do it all for people, especially young people, teenagers, my family and my friends. I want to inspire adults, children, teenagers to start doing sports. “

Sports are better than playing on a computer or social networking or sitting watching the TV and eating junk food; or going to parties, taking drugs, abusing alcohol and life on the streets. Sport has saved many lives, too. Who knows where I would be now? Martial arts made me who I am now.

,,The fight is 25 minutes of hard pain, and then there’s peace, love and tranquillity.”

Every one of my fights is about inspiring people. Fighting makes me happy because I see my loved ones happy. I see my brother crying, my family, team, coach, mom …. I want to make people happy and if it’s through sports I will do it. I want to make everyone feel happy because not everyone can be a fighter. They don’t have the  money to visit a fitness center or have a trainer, and I would like to offer that here in Chicago. 

At the same time, however, I realized that I would not be able to devote myself to martial arts all my life. That’s why I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Sports – Exercise. I am aware of the importance of education. Without college, I would not be able to express myself appropriately. I would not have such an overview and I would not understand how the body, muscles and metabolism work.

,,It is very important for the athlete to understand their own body.”

The school taught me self-control, discipline, communication and at the same time it perfectly complements martial arts, without which I would never have finished school.

,,Martial arts taught me how to control my mind, provide self-motivation, help others, be disciplined, and overcome my own problems. I simply want more from life and I also want to give more.”

Jose Shorty Torres with family.

Le Globless: The Team Shorty Foundation motto is to help kids, teens, and young adults stay in the gym and off the streets. You realized the people aren’t the problem, the streets are and if you put someone in a positive environment, they have a much higher chance of success. How does practising martial arts help young people succeed?

Jose: I am very lucky and I want to spread this happiness further, so I try to help. Anywhere, and as much as possible.

Le Globless: Can you say that you are a believer?

Technically, I come from a Catholic family, but I don’t know if I’m a believer. I accept all faiths and all people. I don’t care where they come from or what their faith is. 

Jose: What matters is what people are like.I just want to do good and help as much as I can.

,,I want to be myself. Once I meet God – I don’t know if he exists – but I want to be sure that I’ve behaved correctly in life and that I did my best.”

Le Globless: What are your personal goals and dreams?

Jose: I would like to encourage investors to build their own brand in the future. I enjoy marketing and I like to support people around me. This is something I would like to do in the future.

Le Globless: Thank you, Dear Jose Shorty Torres. It was my great honor and pleasure to have a conversation with a young, energetic and very sympathetic fighter, whose energy and commitment flow throughout the world. 


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