Dubai Leaders attract investors from the world

Dubai Leaders attract investors from the world

With the arrival of “Mr. Corona” the positions of many countries have changed and they have fallen or risen in the ranks, all due to the decisions made by the leaders of the countries. 

Developed countries made sound decisions and stabilized the situation. They thought about solutions that would help them restart the economy.

In Dubai, the situation quickly stabilized and the government began recovery and supportive solutions for international investors. “Our leaders are doing a great job” There are many offices that help investors enter the market.

It was my great privilege to meet with Mr. Mohamed Al Banna Senior Advisor at H.H. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum a man with an open mind for the future strategies and special business feelings. 

Ivanka:Firstly,  I must say, I was surprised by your simple and humble communication and also  as a professional in the financial markets, investing, actually  you are CEO and managing director a strategic Partnership platform. Please can you tell me more about your start ? 

Mohamed: My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2008, when I made the decision to start my own business in the F&B
sector, it was right before the 2008 crisis hit and needless to say the venture failed and the easy thing to do was to give up and
go back to the corporate world, but I did the opposite, I tried again, and the second time around I made sure to turn all the
mistakes made into experience and if it wasn’t for the 1st experience, I would not be where I am today.

“Im a risk taker. When I set my mind on something, I will never stop until I achieve my goals.“

Lead Ventures was born out of my passion for sharing my knowledge, network and skills to support businesses from
all over the world succeed in the UAE, specially when their challenges are simply opening the right doors.

My strategy for new partners :

    • We will take care of everything. 
    • We can be an advisor of your strategy. 
    • Seamlessly process their UAE business license.
    • Our team will handle their Marketing strategy and market research.
    • We will have the best operational support they require on hand
    • We will give them access to our network of Senior advisors who are leaders in their sectors

A common misconception is that it is easy to do business in Dubai, to a certain extent it is however it is very important to have a local partner who has the right experience and network to guide you through your business journey, and LEAD is constantly developing its strength in order to be the top business partner for these companies in the UAE.

Ivanka: The market created a very interesting place for investors, we can say, that we live a “golden age of investment”. The market is full of money, Who is the strongest player in Dubai ? 

Mohamed: You always have to do your homework and keep your finger on the pulse, which sectors are booming? At the moment AI, technology and health care are soaring, and Dubai is one of the best places for these companies to be in.  The UAE governments are always creating initiatives and opportunities to develop the economy and there is a huge demand for innovation.

Ivanka: How do you know when a project is prosperous? Where did you gain your expertise and experience in  startups and with businesspeople worldwide.  

Mohamed: I always quote Steve Jobs when he said:

“we don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do, we hire them for them to tell us what to do”

 I am not an expert when it comes to certain sectors but my strategy is to build a platform where all that is needed for a business to thrive and succeed is all under one roof.  My expertise comes from the industry experts who I appoint as advisors and its partners, their knowledge, know-how and skills are extremely valuable to our partners and to the projects that they are targeting.

Ivanka: I know your business interest is large but, you told me about your passion. Business is not always just about the money,  sometimes, it is a little more like our love. I’m also interested in your personal investment. I know about your passion for fashion…Can you tell us more ?

Men in bleck.

Mohamed: Fashion is definitely one of my many passions in life, it is the best way to express yourself and your character. you have to push the boundaries sometimes to stand out, you can tell when someone is a risk taker from the way they present themselves and when they are safe and comfortable with where they are.  


It is one of my objectives to start my own fashion venture in the near future, but will share more on that when I can.





Ivana: Investment for gold has never been higher, everyone has got Gold fever with demand very high. There are lucrative investor opportunities that are growing rapidly.  There are few quality investor opportunities in the market and a surplus of finance. 

Royal families from the UAE and GCC are interested in consolidating their very strong position outside the UAE and the GCC countries. They are interested in very specific and private investment opportunities of $1-5 bln. 

Le Globless connects Unique Investors and Leaders with very special Hight-profits Investment opportunities. Is Lead’s ambition also to invest in Europe?

Our core business is in strategic partnerships with corporates that are seeking local guidance in business development with the support of a Royal family member, we are not a VC and we don’t invest in companies that we work with but rather guide them with their investments and create unique opportunities that support their growth in the region.

I think it is a brilliant platform and I truly believe it the power of bringing the right people together to create great things.  I am honored that you have reached out to me for this opportunity. I hope that anyone reading this will take away the enthusiasm to pursue their goals now, not tomorrow.

 Thank you for a very pleasant communication with a very hard-working, gloving and charming elegant gentleman. My biggest honor and pleasure to talk with Mr. Mohamed Al Banna. 

Learning and sharing experiences, opening up opportunities and connecting people and projects. There is a new game every day and I  guarantee you are the winner. Why ? Because we learn through mistakes, we become better. In business, every day is different, and to stop or rely on something is to fail. Thank God for the broken knees, for the trials and for the new possibilities ….. for every single day. 

Kinza Vierik