THE PRIVATE OFFICE of H H Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi

THE PRIVATE OFFICE of H H Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi

The United Arab Emirates is a huge power, and Europe has learned many things from the Arab countries in the past. We have one goal in common and our common goal is to build a healthy, strong future business generation, to learn from each other and build a healthy economic environment.

The UAE has a saying: “From desert we create a civilization, from oil we create a strong country, Special thanks to the Great Leaders for building this mission.”

It is my highest honor to talk with His Excellency Adnan Al Noorani Chairman Of The Board at The Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi and share his experience with Investors in other countries especially in the Europe Union. Let’s look at the world as one country full of endless possibilities,  and we will find out what we can offer each other…

Since 2010 the company has rapidly grown to a diversified business entity delivering high quality service to a wide range of international clients, with more than 30,000 employees and an annual group turnover of AED 2 billion.


Ivana: You are a young, versatile, very smart person with an open mindset. You have been working alongside the nation’s esteemed royal families, for more than 10 years.  What does it mean to be a Chairman of the Private Office? 

H.E. Adnan: If you’re wondering what it means to be chairman, I feel like nothing has changed in my life. I’m still the same person I was 16 years ago. As I grow, I become more humble even as my status grows. Neither the title nor the status is important, that’s what I can answer you. I do not differentiate between people and I give my time to everyone.


Ivana: How do you know when a project is prosperous? Where did you gain your expertise and experience in  startups and with businesspeople worldwide.  It’s not too easy a business.  

 H. E. Adnan: ,,My mission is not to take money and to be famous. My mission is to do something for the UAE and all human beings. My vision is to make a history.

,,Many thanks to the Leaders, They built the United Arabian Emirates. We thank them and learn from them. “


Our doors are open to everyone for startups and larger investments. We will agree on the date and time of the meeting at which we will talk more about the project. Today, when someone needs support or has questions. our office can help them. We are grateful that we can help without the need for fees or compensation. This is our gift to them, to encourage them to succeed.


Ivana: So it doesn’t matter if it’s a big company or a small startup, and it doesn’t matter the type of business?

H.E. Adnan :Yes, it doesn’t matter what business it is, if they have questions we will be happy to help them. We are here and we will welcome everyone and show them the right way.


Ivana: How do you motivate young business minds and at the same time get to understand a good business plan?

 H. E. Adnan: Okay, let me give you some examples: Today comes a startup, we charge the company some cost of services and they can be a success in UAE and GCC. When I see that the startup is in the beginning but they are ambitious and their profile looks successful and healthy for the future, I won’t charge them anything. They can start their mission and after one year when they come to me, we will sit at the table and look at how successful they are. Then we will agree on how we will work together.


I have two groups today: The youngest one, is a startup and a new one.  The second group are  businessmen.

We teach startups how they can become market leaders and succeed free of charge. It is my strategy.

We charge Businessmen for time, support and help from us. We open the door for them to do business in the UAE.


Ivana: How would you support a project that would bring you contacts and startups from around the world?

 H. E. Adnan: After the conference we started new cooperation with more like 22 countries. One of them is Brazilia, Poland, GCC countries, India, Columbia, France and so many others. It’s really very crazy because I’m working daily. I am always thinking about business and what will be next. I work from morning until night, and at night I sleep 2 hours or 3 hours and then I wake up.

I sleep a maximum of 3 hours per day. I can not stop my mind. I am still thinking about business, abilities, plans, and nations.


Ivana: Yes, I understand you sometimes find it too difficult to manage private life and business. How do you do this?


H. E. Adnan : Yes, it is true. In my life, in my career, in my experiences I would hear people talk about business, capital, funds, wealth, startups and how to cooperate. But they forgot something important they never think about …… family. We need to live in the moment with people who we love with parents, children, husband and wife to feel the moment. Because you never know what will happen in the future. This is what I believe. Family comes first and after business.

Family has a first priority and weekends are for my family. I try not to take too many calls.

Ivana: Yes, it is true, people are not thinking about the strongest power of love and family. The place where we can be safe, where our home is. One day we can lose it and after will be too late.

 H. E. Adnan :Business is business. It is without emotions without feeling, but real gold is in our family.


Ivana: What are the terms and conditions for investors to enter the United Arabian Emirates market?

 H. E. Adnan : First we need to look at the company profile. Theirs contracts, agreements and marketing strategy. After three days, they come back and sit with us and we will give them a specific answer whether we can help them or not. Because how well you know time is the most expensive commodity in the world. As my grandfather said (God bless him)

“Time is gold, you can not lose a second or minute because your life is priceless.”

That’s why I don’t waste anyone’s time, I don’t waste my time either. If it is an interesting profile I will give him my own terms and conditions. If the profile is not interesting I will tell him , thank you so much for your cooperation, let’s be friends, you can go your way.

Ivana: ,,That’s beautiful, my father tells me the same thing: “Be careful who you spend time on, because time is the most expensive commodity in the world. It is limited and no one will return it to you. Thank you for your time.“

 Ivana: Do you see some differences, such as culture, manners, and willingness to take risks, between the gulf countries and European and Russian investors ?

H. E. Adnan: Today, everyone is focusing on Dubai, do you understand what I mean? But I see Dubai as the future in my respect for every country. Dubai is sending a satellite to Mars, tell me which of the GCC countries can do that too? Our future is in the next generation, in their knowledge and wisdom that they build our country and are a guarantee of success. For Asia, Europe or the GCC, joining the UAE is a guarantee of security and plenty of opportunity. We are a mixture of cultures and a healthy business environment.


Ivana: Do you see the willingness of investors to invest in European markets? What businesses do the United Arabian Emirates invest the most in? Is it also the gas and oil business?

 H. E. Adnan: Today I did an analysis on the current situation, I think because of Covid Europa is not interested in what we can invest in real estate.

We were the first country to help the world with masks and healthcare. We were ready for it, and the Covid situation did not affect us. It is important for us that countries come to our market and invest in our market.


Ivana: The main idea of ​​Le Globless is to learn from the best, unique, brilliant and powerful global leading minds and to share this experience. We cooperate with investors across the world.

What do you think about our mission and building a new generation of business? 

 H. E. Adnan: Always remember, If you have faith and believe in God you will always succeed.

The Chinese mentality is to first build a relationship and afterwards start business. It is also my style. I would like to meet you and talk with you soon in Dubai.

Ivana: I absolutely agree with you.

Life and business are the same everywhere, it doesn’t matter the distance, nor part of the country, the essence is the same. It’s just a matter of listening to each other and respecting traditions and mentality. Honoring and respecting people is very important, and maybe we can do a little more for this world. 

You never know what you can learn from business meetings on the other side of the world. Every meeting  is like a treasure full of gold.

Sometimes,  a meeting can look like a loss of your time but it is the first step for a very strong long-term collaboration.

Many thanks Dear H.E. Adnan Adnan Adnan Al Noorani, Chairman Of The Board at The Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi  for a pleasant conversation, for the time we found each other. 



H.E. Adnan Al Noorani as The Chairman Of the Board & CEO of The Private Office And Group Of Companies



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