Investing in art

Investing in art

Collecting art is some type of passion. It is one way to invest well. This is a very interesting way of increasing the value of your finances. A piece of art is a unique kind of artistic statement made by an artist and carries with it an unmistakable personality, as well as emotions or current mental state.

Every single move is a proof of years of hard work of practice and hours spent studying. Artists dedicate themselves to art, on the other hand is the art work in many cases their own escape from reality, where they can dream, express their anger, passion, desires, outrage and very often their unsettled traumas and pains from the past.

Over the recent years, I have been focusing on observing reactions to images. I chose works, which expressed strong emotions such as hatred, anger, rage, egoism, arrogance, haughtiness, desire to possess, perverted sexual desires, forbidden desires, pride, or perversion. On the other hand, I showed people images with love, tenderness, a desire for fulfilled relationships and mutual understanding, interconnection and symbiosis.

The result was very interesting.

We are touched by negative images, aggressive emotions, anger and fury. How do people react to aggressive and strongly erotic works of art? Do we want to be surrounded by them, or are they haunting us, do we desire comprehensive and fulfilled relationships? 

Mentally unstable people with negative experiences from the past were literally submerged in images filled with evil and anger. It was startling that they would prefer to be surrounded by images and scenes depicting pain and suffering. As they enjoyed hurting themselves, they backed each other in anger and pain.

On the other hand, people with fulfilled relationships and healthy values responded to the paintings in a neutral way, praised the quality workmanship, but preferred positive and loving art. In many cases, we don´t even realise how easily images reveal our inner demons and repressed emotions.

The result.

What we have on the wall can easily affect us. And even positively support the parts of life that we would like to bolster. We will literally attract what we desire. So simple.

How it all works, actually quite simply.

My very good acquaintance, a close friend, asked me to paint a picture. So, I tested if it works. We met several times and talked about life. She reminded me that she has a love-filled relationship. After a few years, she met “the right man” with whom she can imagine life, recognizing similar values ​​is attentive. And most importantly, they both love each other. She has never been so happy. The only squeaking thing was the sexual side, they just needed to match. So, I gave her a picture that expressed exactly what she wanted. They exhibited the painting in the bedroom, even her boyfriend liked it. They have both started working on their passion and are enjoying each other.

 Do you need to bolster the mutual relationships and love in the family? Work ethic or to work on personal strength?

Great, let’s get to it, support what we desire by choosing a suitable work of art. Let’s try to choose a work of art that shows exactly what you want.

It is sensible to consider in which work you invest money and when evaluating, be aware of the second dimension, namely emotional.

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