Investment, Jewelry as a work of art

Investment, Jewelry as a work of art

Jewellery is often associated with a certain amount of prestige, it is seen as a presentation of exceptionality and also as investment capital. Naturally, it belongs to the lifestyle of the prosperous. The most luxurious jewellery boutiques are traditionally found in the most prominent and lucrative places in the world, such as Karlovy Vary.

Over the years, the style of jewellery shopping has changed from pampering oneself to a form of an interesting opportunity to invest. We will  discuss this topic with the best of the best, Mr. Peter Ukaj and Besfort Ukaj, founders of the GLAMOUR DIAMONDS BOUTIQUE.

They know how to meet the highest demands, such as specific requirements and refined customer taste.  The are able to find  artistic gems from the world’s best design ateliers. I took this opportunity to express my great respect and to honour the work of Mr. Besfort Ukaj, who is in charge of communication and of managing his company.

Le Globless: Karlovy Vary is historically associated with luxury and prestige. How did you manage to build the unique GLAMOUR DIAMONDS BOUTIQUE showrooms right in the centre?

Besfort Ukaj: Glamour Boutique is strategically located in the centre of Karlovy Vary, right next to the Historic Pupp Hotels. It is also next to the famous Casino Royal, where the James Bond movie was filmed.

However, the path to the current appearance of the boutique was not so easy. We worked hard to build our family business. It is a daily undertaking in which every member of the family takes part.

We founded the company with my uncle Peter Ukaj. We have used  years of experience and necessary know-how for the Glamour Diamonds Boutique. We travelled a lot, learned and worked hard to gain the respect of prestigious jewellery companies. We have managed to establish very strong long-term partnerships with them.

We first started with a smaller boutique here in the centre of Karlovy Vary. Over time, we wanted to expand  the business and so we opened a second boutique in Karlovy Vary. I remember how at the time, I made 90 flights a year. I travelled a lot and built our international cooperation. We constantly wanted to expand and to move forward, so we bought another part of the building for our boutique. Now we own the entire building, which we recently renovated to its current form.

Le Globless: Where did the idea of ​​GLAMOUR DIAMONDS BOUTIQUE originate?

Besfort Ukaj: As you know, my origins are in Kosovo. During the war in the former Yugoslavia (now Kosovo), we began to look for a new home. We were forced to leave the country and we chose Karlovy Vary for our new lives. My uncle Peter Ukaj came to Karlovy Vary first , and there he started working within  jewellery. In 2004 I joined him in Karlovy Vary.

I began selling jewellery.  I learned a lot about diamonds and gold,  as well as watch mechanisms by the most prestigious brands. I really enjoyed my work and it became my passion. I had so many great ideas and and a lot of energy. I enjoyed learning and  gaining new information. My enthusiasm and desire to work was constantly growing. I wanted to move forward and to build my own business.

At the time, my uncle Peter Ukaj and I decided to open our own boutique with our savings. We had our own know-how and great ideas. We invested everything in the business. Another partner joined us and together we opened the first jewellery store. After a few years, we  split up with our partner.  He kept one of the boutiques and  we retained the second. A little later we bought another smaller shop about 300 meters away.

Mr. Besfort Ukaj CEO of the GLAMOUR DIAMONDS BOUTIQUE in Karlovy Vary

“Strong negotiation skills, trust, loyalty and long-term partnerships are the basis of a healthy and stable business.”

Le Globless: A strong  company name and a great reputation is very hard to build. How did you build collaborations with prestigious brands such as de Grisogono, Pasquale Bruni, Utopia, Crivelli, Fope, Moraglione, Ulysse Nardin, Parmigiani, Fabergé, Perrelet or Frederique Constant?

Besfort Ukaj: Sure, it’s not easy to establish a cooperation with prestigious brands of world-wide proportions. Because it is  not only about money. To them,  money has already lost its importance. They can trade with anyone they want and the demand for their products is constantly growing.

They can choose who to work with. They want the right partners with the right service, business strategy and ideas. A partner who will also take care of the good name of the company, who will respect the rules of the brand and  care about proper marketing and the service sales of products. We are extremely proud that they chose us and trusted us.

Of course, Global brands like Faberge and other similar brands constantly control the quality of sales. They can’t afford to damage their centuries-old reputation by having improper service. Thank God we are a small family business so we are able to  inspect the quality. We pay attention to high standards.

“When you represent exclusive jewellery, you must definitely have glamour in you. Because with every piece, you also sell a part of art, history, magnificent craftsmanship, perfect and precise artistic processing when it comes to precious metals and diamonds.


,,We represent art and beauty. Highly pedantic top performance of the best jewellers. “



Le Globless: What type of clientele are interested in boutique jewellery and what products interest them the most?

Besfort Ukaj: Our clients are highly private and prominent HNWI people, who like to surround themselves with beauty, quality and uniqueness. They like to pamper themselves and they want the best for their money, as they are the “CRÈME DE LA CRÈME“.

We never sell jewellery in two or three pieces, we want our clients to enjoy the speciality and uniqueness of the jewellery they bought.

,, We do our best for our clients, it is a question of long-term labour and  exceptional trust, because jewellery is a part of  our customer’s  most important moments of life.”

We wish to do our best for them. They can take the feeling it gives them and keep it for as long as possible. We have a highly private approach and strong relationships. Many customers come to us with a request that they want something but they do not know exactly what. We will provide exactly what they like,  we can change the colour of the diamonds as desired, or we can design a piece of jewellery. We are ready to travel and bring the jewellery directly to the client so that he can give it to a loved one.

We have clients from all over the world from royal families in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Europe. We look forward to having popular Czech clientele as well as film celebrities.


Le Globless: Is investing in jewellery just about prestige, or does jewellery serve as a great investment?

Besfort Ukaj: The prices of gold and gems have only been rising, insanely in the last six months. The price of diamonds  rose by 40% in one day. This is due to the fall of the stock market and inflation but also because of the natural rise in gold prices.

Clients are starting to buy jewellery as a stable investment for the future. Sometimes they become family jewels that will continue to be inherited within the families, and thus they create a tradition of their own in the family.

Unique, artistic jewellery from prestigious designers is gaining value from the moment they are created. Their price keeps growing every day.

Jewellery is an exceptional work of art and at the same time a beautiful investment opportunity.


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