Everything is inside you

Everything is inside you

 One of easier possibilities is to imagine your own idol we look up to and we like her/his properties. Perfect person you think or no that the other thinks is she/he ideal, success device, guru, superhero, actor, celebrities with huge humility….

Write 10 points we think make a superhero.


1. Look at him if he could become at least 10%

The next easy possibility is because we don’t have what to do next couple of weeks. Many people hate their job. No just don’t like. Literally hate a lot. They go to work with a horrible expression on their face, ride their dream cars and sometimes they want to shoot themselves to the moon for a few days. Studies in the USA “ probably one of the most successful countries,” show that there is 70% of people who hate their job, no don’t like, hate.

Thanks to God, great news….is Friday” Enjoy your free time and all of it, what you couldn’t do that whole time, and what you were thinking about, behind driving the car.

Spend your time with your beloved person, with your children and relax in nature….

But maybe some people don’t spend their time by relaxing, because they realize that all of the things they used to have: alcohol, parties, shopping, luxury dinners, drugs or something else they are not going to have for a longer time. Very sad, but I think all of this is for our goodness, may we realize real life values.

2. Let’s use time for easy things, do something for yourself

We should try to awake early for example at 6.00a.m. We can start with half an hour, later one hour and step by step per long time. Do absolutely nothing only try to close your eyes, you will see if you can sit down for half an hour or one hour, you may move 10 times. Don’t think about it, just let it pass, Don’t give it too much attention to it. If your body wants to move, let it move. Your mind will be mad, wants to run a create emergency scripts, no matter what happens, don’t react, don’t answer and don’t try to stop it. Whatever you will think, don’t follow it, don’t imagine anything, don’t try to be creative and don’t try to make associations….

3. Let it clear, recycle all what you know in all possible combinations… look at yourself from the top from the biggest perspective, without idealisation

“How small are we? How fragile are we? How silly is our behaviour sometimes? How many things can we value? Who are we comparing the space? How shallow relationships we had in the past? What is really important? Now with our eyes closed we can really see that before we closed our eyes all the time.” Meditation according Sadhguru …. is not very easy or delightful but the most effective.

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