Devil’s name Ayahuasca

Devil’s name Ayahuasca

People all over the world face similar and very identical feelings, from CEOs, investors and leaders to spouses and mothers on maternity leave. Be careful not to get away from myself.

You know the burning feeling when you can´t keep working. You just know that if something does not change, you will go crazy. The feeling that you do not know how to continue at the same pace or mode, you just necessarily need a change.

Strong feeling of frustration, extreme tension, stress, rapid paced life and incredible pressure from society can drive us to the very edge of our strength and energy. People all over the world are trying to find an escape from reality and worries, but what extent is it healthy to?

Americans as well as people from Western Europe very often look for alternative ways to escape from reality through adrenalin experiences as stays in the jungle, looking for shamans, fortune tellers, black magic, psychotropic and hallucinogenic natural drugs or other types of black magic. We contaminate our bodies with unknown substances yet we leave incredible damage to our psyche.

The Ayahuasca ceremony is currently popular escape from reality, which is associated with drinking a drink prepared by “Shaman” and rituals of singing and fumigation.

SAPAS: We look forward to the general interest in psychedelic substances and we understand that people desire to feel altered states of consciousness. However, we would like to point out how important it is to be very responsible towards states induced by these substances because during psychedelic state we are much more vulnerable and susceptible. This applies for both user and therapist/healer.

We are convinced that the healing effect occurs mainly in supportive and safe conditions. Each treatment has its indications, contraindications and side effects and psychedelic experience is no exception. The person coming to the ceremony should be sufficiently informed about the benefits, risks and course of the ceremony. Healer or the shaman is also co-responsible for the risks, which may arise during psychedelic process and should appropriately solve them.

People after the Ayahuasca ceremony say:

“I had strong experiences. I felt pain, fear, the suffering of the world. It was terrible.”

“I was constantly bombarded with information that I am just a small grain of sand throughout the universe, remember that…”

“My ego was absolutely crushed, I could not move, I saw all my fears, I stood face-to-face against everything I am afraid of.”

“I saw my family, my wife and all around I heard: Make her your queen.”

“I felt a strong connection to the universe and everyone around me, as if I was part of everything and everything was part of me.”

Ayahuasca was intended only for shamans, highly educated and conscious people whom the universe opened the future and gave them answers which they could spread to the others. How many people today are in complete symbiosis with the universe, other people, nature and how many of them want to help and continue to learn?

Are psychotropic and hallucinogenic substances good for anything at all and if so, can they be controlled?

A healthy individual can control the consumption of psychotropic substance but would a healthy individual be willing to uptake hallucinogenic mushrooms or will he voluntarily drug himself?

The answer is very simple. We run away from ourselves and we prefer to solve our problems alternatively, radically and simply.

    • I am unhappy
    • I am frustrated
    • I am unhappy at work
    • My boss puts too much pressure on me
    • My wife is cheating on me
    • I have debts
    • I can’t live like this anymore

So, let´s change it. Let´s not cry. Let´s not expect. Let´s not create false illusions. When something upsets us, let´s say it out loud and do not keep it to ourselves. Let´s not be where we suffer. Let´s not lose ourselves over similar attempts.

Change always starts within us.

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